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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cadillac408, Apr 21, 2001.

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    I'm still not quite sure what is going on and why my account is in the fraud dept. I've been going over this in my head and nothing seems to make sense. I am going to call them back fist thing Monday morning and try to see if someone else can give me a different answer but in the mean while I've decided to put the shake and bake on Junum (as in I'm calling them first thing Monday to cancel).

    Here are my thoughts:

    I am convinced that TU must know that someone other than myself is sending in disputes. They have to....that is why my account is in the fraud dept. so that they can monitor what's going on. This sucks! TU had no disputes on file either. Also, I have contacted both Equifax and Experian and the only Experian has a dispute (which I did over the phone) on file right now. Equifax had no disputes on file. Junum received my reports and supposedly sent out disputes on 4/9/01. So, the bottom line is that I'm going to start handling my own disputes from now on. I seriously was under the impression that Junum was writing *special* letters to get removals. I am convinced that for TU, they use their form and then mail that form in an envelope w/ postage. Then they put that in an envelope and mail that to you're local postmaster to mail so that the post mark will be from your area and not Junum's. Then for Eqauifax, I'm almost positive that they do an on-line dispute. Why write a letter when you can go on-line to Equifax's site, tpye in the confirmation # found on the report (along w/ other info) and start an investigation. It would take 2 seconds to check boxes (i.e. not mine, etc.). If they did write letters (including doing the postmaster thing) to anyone, I think it would be Experian...but they could be calling and having someone pretent to be us and start disputes over the phone using the report # at the top of your report. Regardless.....I know time is money but I don't think Junum is doing anything special to get deletions. I think they are basically just banking on the fact that there is a 50/50 chance that items will not be verified in time or not verified at all....thus being deleted. Looking at my track record, Junum has a >40%deletion rate. Keep in mind that I'm purely speculating about Junum's tactics to get removals based on the information that I have read on this board.

    So the bottom line is I think that I'm done with Junum. DON'T GET ME WRONG......they have done a fine job in my case and got me many deletions but I don't see the point anymore. I can just as easily do what they are doing. And at least it will really be ME doing the disputing and I don't have to worry about my file being turned over to any special departments w/in the bureaus. This way I don't have to keep following up w/ Junum like LKH to make sure that the bureaus did indeed receive disputes.

    As we speak....I'm going on-line right now to Equifax's web site to start a dispute. I already have one going w/ Experian and I started one over the phone w/ TU's fraud dept. <sigh> when I called them Friday.

    To all other Junum members, good luck and I hope you receive positive results. I am thankful for what Junum has done for me.
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    If they did an online dispute with equifax, there would have been a record of accounts in dispute when you called. I have done online disputes and equifax had the account in investigate the next business day.

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    You are a wise man

    I think you are a wise man to take the course of action that you have chosen.

    That 40% deletion rate was most likely the easiest ones to get removed anyway and now you are left with the more difficult ones. At least, that's the most likely scenario, whether or not it actually is true.

    The Government flat out tells you that credit repair firms cannot do anything that you cannot do for youself, and it's sure going to be a lot cheaper. The Government also makes it plain that so many people hsve had hard experiences with credit repair firms that it is their express intention to get rid of them and put them out of business at the earliest possilbe time. You can find that on the FTC website for yourself. I'm not normally a great supporter of the government nor it's positions, but after all, they gotta get something right sometimes, no don't they?

    And if you had not used a credit repair firm, you could try to nail them for false accusations against you. NOw you can't do that because you did use a credit repair firm.

    And in my personal opinion, you should not be doing telephone or online disputes either because that way you don't have any actual proof that you ever did anything or ever contacted them in the event you have a fight with them.

    If you are using the Certified mail return receipt requested routing, you have actual proof they got your letter and when.

    Bill Bauer

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