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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by ShyGuy, Apr 19, 2001.

  1. ShyGuy

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    None of the redisputed items was changed at all. One item were deleted, and it was the first time it was disputed. The others all said "new information below," and of course, there was no new info.

    The creditor I described in my previous post about the Eqifax results -- the one that twice told me it would report correctly if the CRAs investigated -- is still reporting inaccurate information. I don't know if it's the creditor's fault or TU's fault because despite TU saying "new information below" in the dispute results the item says last updated 2/2001. In fact, it doesn't look like TU reinvesigated any of the items it incorrectly verified in the last round. At least Experian was honest and said it wasn't going reinvestigate.

    One more thing: Remember my credit union saying it didn't pull a credit report for a fully secured loan. Not true. It pulled TransUnion. Still, it's my worse report, and I got the loan.
  2. molly

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    try this

    Send a copy of the original credit report and a copy of the second, higlight the items that they said they changed and tell them they appear exactly as before. Tell them to remove them or update them. This happened to me once and they updated it immediately.
  3. Ender

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    Re: try this

    What negatives do you have on your TU? Are credit unions more lenient in giving loans out
  4. ShyGuy

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    TU, CUs

    I have a few items that were included in BK that are instead listed as charged off and/or past due. My old car lease -- which was included in the BK -- is listing repo'd and past due $3,000, though it was included in BK and the lease company kept my $3,000 deposit.

    As for the credit card I talk about above, I have called the issuer twice and was told it reported as included in BK the next time it was investigated by the CRAs. It was blamed on a computer error I was told was fixed while I was on the phone. But after two rounds of CRA investigations, it's still wrong on all of my reports. It's been almost a year since I first notified the creditor of the mistake, and it's still wrong. Originally I just wanted it reported correctly. But now I have no confidence this creditor will ever report correctly, so I want it deleted. Can a creditor be fined for FCRA violations, or does that only apply to the CRAs? Can I report this creditor to the FTC or a state attorney general (my state or its state)? Can I take the creditor to small claims (my state or its state)?

    Or than that, there are some late pays from when I tried CCCS. Those are about 3-5 years old. But I'm mainly concerned about the items that falsely show I still owe when I don't. While I don't like negative information, I'll live with for seven years if it's correct -- and the creditor has been good about making sure it's correct. If not, I want it gone.

    As for credit-union loans, I'm one of the people on this list who have found credit unions more lenient about a lot of things -- in addition to them having better rates. I recieved a fully-secured loan at around 7.5 percent -- just 2 percentage points more than my security deposit is earning. (Even if I wasn't rebuilding, this secured loan would be a great deal because the difference between what my CD earns and the interest I pay on the loan is less than the inflation rate.) Credit unions around here offer secured credit cards with 10-13 percent APR and no annual fee. I also know a lot of credit union will open checking accounts for people on ChexSystems.
  5. mother2

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    Re: TU, CUs

    Yes, credit unions are times. They were able to get me a car loan that I was "upsidedown" on roll the excess money into an unsecure loan. ;o)
  6. Hal

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    Re: TU, CUs

    I have found the same mother2. Despite some credit problems, I find they are very flexible, especially if you have maintained your account with them well.

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