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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, Apr 17, 2001.

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    Why are you having such a hard time removing the duplicates? Is it because the duplicates are listed with different account numbers?

    I just sent in my first round of duplicate disputes.. they are because NCO, Cavalry, Coldata, Creditrust, and Gulf States are ALL duplicates of existing accounts. What are the ones you are having trouble with?
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    Re: to: judyputy re: duplicate

    You got me, I can't believe it's this hard. Equifax and TU didn't have the duplicate info in their report...just experian. It's a cc that was a First Union or something years ago and then bought by Bank of America. The duplication show the EXACT same cc number as my B of A card and lists it as Allfirst Bank.

    It's such crap because it has a 10,000 limit and is showing a 8,900 balance with the last update occuring in 1995 or something. The REAL B of A card now has a 11,000 limit and only about 3,000 in balance.

    I have disputed it as a duplicate 3 times. I have called Allfirst several times and they freely admit it's a mistake, they sold all their cc accounts to B of A years ago. They have no clue who I am and can't pull any info on me. I have told them that they are verifying the account. This last dispute I talked to the experian service rep and disputed on the phone. She was as puzzled as I as to why it was still there. She even said that acct's with no updates in 2 years usually fall off. What????

    I am so tired of fighting that I finally changed the dispute to just say $0 balance, account sold or transferred. That is fine with me. It's not a negative acct. I paid as agreed, never late. But how it shows now, it ruins my ratio.

    If they don't fix it this time I am going to send a letter to Allfirst and threaten a lawsuit claiming someone there is continuing to verify fradulent info or something like that. I will probably also threaten a lawsuit with Experian.

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    Re: to: judyputy re: duplicate

    It is probably more on the CRA side and them just continuing to just say that the creditor/collection agency verified.. $125 per suit is a lot to throw around for such BS like this.

    It also doesn't make sense when it is blatently obvious in your examples by the same account # .. what is reflected on mine is the worst on Experian as well. It says that Nations Bank sold to XXXX.. then BofA is also listed.. so basically, it means that BofA bought it, then sold it to another listed on my report.. I also have Citibank selling to Cavalry, then to NCO.. and Coldata, and Creditrust and Gulf States LLC are all mixed in there too.. I don't even konw how some of these are duplicates of one another, because some got combined and some didn't.. some are from 2 different Discover cards originally as well.

    I will see how this round of duplicates disputes goes and will let you know as well..

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