to kaliban or ccn steve delete user id

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by sldruck5, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. sldruck5

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    is there any way i can change my user id. i live near a person that has a name similar to that user id. she is a neighbor of mine. she works for a local credit card company and has been accused of posting messages on this website. they told her if she continues to post messages she will be fired. however she is not posting the messages.i am. i have allot of friends who work for this company and other credit company;s in my are. i have posted messages about this company in the past and i dont want any of those friends to be fired because of my posts that where done without their knowledge or permission. i would like to be able to post about my own issues so when this user id is deleted i will sign up for a new one and continue to post questions about my credit cards. but not give out any info these friends have told me in confidence about that company.
  2. sldruck5

    sldruck5 Guest

    i know all this sounds kind of weird but it is proof that creditors are monitoring these message boards
  3. kaliban

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    It is done, as per your request.
  4. cdef155

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    i don't think so

    i don't think so
  5. jjgross

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    You don't think so about what?

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