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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SM, Apr 9, 2001.

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    I used to visit these boards a lot to help repair my credit and just got plain frustrated. I have now started reading again and see, just from reading the last few days worth of posts, that you must be THE KING at credit repair.

    Are most of your "techniques" archived on this board?

    I am desperately trying to get mine and my husband's credit cleaned-up. I need help and hope that I can read through the board and get some tips.

    My husband's credit should be fairly easy. He has a couple of small charge-off's and a couple of late pays. He has two very small (Cap 1 and Orchard) credit accounts that are on time and positive for 18 months. No one will give him any more credit and mortgage lenders are a joke. They will loan 75% LTV. If I had 25% to put down on a house....well that's another story.

    I am obviously trying to VERY quickly improve his score. Any advice on how to start?
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    Hey, good, that's what I needed.
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    That is awesome. I am so tired of having inaccurate data on my report and having the typical response from the credit bureaus. The biggest issue I have is that they send me the typical response that it has been verified and confirmed. I write them back asking them to give me written documentation of the confirmation from the creditor. They just ignore my requests. From what I understand, a consumer has the right to request proof of the verification process and they must provide it. Maybe I am reading the law wrong...but I am going to go through it again with a fine-tooth comb and proceed with whatever I need to do.

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