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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Tuit, Apr 24, 2001.

  1. Tuit

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    There are two accounts the Tulsa Law Group is trying to collect for, each of them are close to $7,000.00, prior to them two different Atty in NY this was in 2000 when I requested validation they just forwarded the accounts to the Tulsa Group. I honestly can not identify these accounts which is why I have not been afraid to send the validation letters. Maybe I am not asking as forcefully as your validation letters but I have made it very clear that the debts are unknown to me. Of course that doesn't mean much I asked the attorney who is currently suing me for validation which he never acknowledged......yes I found an attorney and by the 29th of this month my answer is due so I will know soon if I have to go to court for that one.
  2. Tuit

    Tuit Well-Known Member

    The Tulsa Group (2 debts) have not threatened to sue me, just keep sending me form letters how do you want to pay this debt Option 1) or choose Option 2) I keep sending them validation requests. The suit I have going now is for $3,100.00 my atty has again requested validation of this debt I never had a credit card with the account number they list and never had credit that credit card company. I will talk to the atty tomorrow to see if he got anything back yet otherwise he will have to answer by the 29th
    Anyway, the Tulsa Group has not threatened to sue but I know that doesn't mean anything. They have never once acknowledged receiving anything from me...the only way I know they got my letters is RR's are returned to me signed.....
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    I don't know things got so goofed up that I honestly can't identify which creditor it is I guess a new account number was assigned...they don't match anything I have. However, I had serious money problems several years ago and was not able to continue paying my bills since late 1998 early 1999 I believe sol here is 6 years. Anyway I have plenty of legitimate debts so I don't need any that aren't mine. I don't want to sue anyone I just want to find out if this is my debt. I can't pay but I'm willing to take my lumps if it is.

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