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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Sep 8, 2001.

  1. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Hi Marie,

    I hope you have a nice vacation!!

    On another thread, you mentioned that you are now at 9.9% apr. Did you have to go through the Executive office to get that rate?

    My Cap One Platinum is at 11.9% fixed apr. Obviously there is really very little difference between our rates and I am not carrying a balance anyway. However in a few months, I am going to request the 9.9% fixed apr.

    Our credit histories are similar - so I am curious to know how you negotiated your lower rate.

    Best regards,

  2. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    This is easy.

    I'd tried 2 mos ago by asking. Even asked a supervisor (b/c I am carrying balances) and I "just wanted better rates". No go. couldn't even get 11.9. but I wasn't paying interest yet on the Plat so who cared.

    I was going to ask Mr. Miller but I genuinely liked the guy so much that I didn't want to bug him unless I had an issue. You don't get many true consumer advocates inside large corporations and I think we should treat the guy like gold.


    Remember I had the nightmare of all balance transfer fiascos when I tried to balance transfer ALL my balances to my 3 Cap1 Cards.

    Well, screwup after screwup I got my 3 limits increased dramatically, permanent 0 annual fee, and 13.9 across the board. I didn't ask for better because I felt it was a good interest rate for my credit history (even though I love to negotiate, I do have a sense of what's fair... and I felt that Cap1 was treating me with respect).

    So I forgave them for the screwups and still use them religiously.

    Well, I had been given a 0% interest extension for all my trouble. It was supposed to take affect after the Aug close of the initial special. I even called late Aug to make sure. And, of course, it didn't.

    Got my statement with interest. Easy to correct, yes. And I must reiterate, Cap1 has always done the right thing to correct their errors and make it up to me. But even the interest rate was wrong. 15.9 not 13.9.

    Irritating. not the end of the world... but unprofessional a bit.

    So I talked very nicely with a supervisor who apologized, corrected the interest, put in the 0% extension (which she pointed out and for which I thanked her and Cap1 because it is a VERY generous "we're sorry". o interest on 4900...)

    So... I was nice and she was in a good mood so I asked very politely if she had the power to do the famous 9.9 fixed interest rate (I admitted I had interest rate envy). she laughed. they usually get such mad and mean people... so she told me my forgiving attitude was refreshing.... and about the 9.9...

    She did it... So I asked about the other card... and the other card... and joked around with her... and she was kind and did all 3 cards for me.

    So now instead of combining my 2 Gold cards in Jan... I'll run them til they each hit Plat.

    I'll have 3 Cap1 Plat and I'll likely cancel most all the other cards next year instead of only keeping 2 Cap1 cards... so it's also in their best interest to keep me "more" their customer than anyone else's.


    I did notice the big difference, and it's one I've always noticed. I'd asked a supervisor for 9.9 just cause and been told "can't do it".

    But with a reason... eg: they screwed up, competitive reason, etc... they can bend.

    Anyway, that's how. They really are my favorite company now that Providian is slower on increases and my Cap1 cards are more than prime... :)

    Jim, Hope that helps and that all is well with you :)
  3. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member


    As always - thank you for your wonderful and detailed response!!!

    I too do not intend to bother Mr. M - He is good as Platinum - LOL.

    My 11.9% apr. is what I had in the 90's when I cancelled the card. So when I got the card back via the Exec Office, I received the same $10k and 11.9% apr. I had back them.

    I'll use your strategy in a couple of months with CS and then a supervisor to get the 9.9% apr.

    Can you believe it Marie, I have $40K in open revolving credit on 10 accounts. A lot of it is due to what I learned from the board here. So everything is well with me.

    Did you see my "Got my Creditexpert and Fico score" thread? I am still astounded that my Fico score was 27 points higher than my Creditexpert score. I could have understood 5 or even 10 points - but 27???

    I enjoyed but did not respond to your "Who is interfering with us" thread. I liked chelechele's response best. She / he caught on to the HIGH probability that the schizophrenic on the board is still here playing games. Please don't feel the need to respond to my comments on this subject. But just like chelechele, I am HIGHLY certain who our troublemaker is. Ah - the fun of multiple personalities. LOL

    Again, have a great vacation.

    Best regards,

  4. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have been following your progress and I am not only happy for you but also astounded at how well you've done!

    Couldn't happen to a nicer person :)

    Good talking with you again. Take care sweetie.

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