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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by judyputy, Feb 8, 2001.

  1. judyputy

    judyputy Well-Known Member

    See my post under "Hate those Providian reps" or something similar. I need all the advice I can get on dealing with this. Thanks!

  2. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    Ok, found your post... yuck. Well, first of all.. is your card Prov? or Aria? I'm guessing it must be Providian. Honestly, I'd call again (the retention number) and start all over. Take a deep breath and try to be in a good mood when you call. Really, if you step back and look at it.. the shuffling you got is So funny! :) Kindof like watching a circus and you were directing it all!!! Ok, now that it's in proper perspective.

    Call the retention number. Hopefully they'll find your account this time. They really have been wonderful to most of us. Stay with them UNTIL they find you. Tell then you've already been told they're the department you need to speak to.

    Then, start by saying while you've been with them for a while and like them (smile while you're saying it... pretend like you're an actress) you've been having some problems...

    (I think part of the key to my success is I lay out several problems... not just one... then I say the only solution I see is unfortunately to cancel... too bad, but...)

    Now: the problems. The online system won't let you access both your Prov and Aria accounts (a good story even if you only have Prov). Plus, your credit must really be improving, because you're getting lots of "preapproved letters" with great terms... and well, the combination of Providians VERY high interest rate, high annual fee, no grace etc etc and the online thing are just a bit much for you to deal with in one called because you're just not sure what to do but you were told that their department had the power to help you (be nice, then be silent and let them start offering stuff)

    Ok, if you want the APR... they may ask what you want. Tell them 2 of your friends just got 16.9 (down directly from 23.99 by the way) and one of them had only been a customer for 13 months at the time (ME and TRUE). Then if you do/don't get it... ask about an annual fee rebate or a line increase. Easy to do "well, if I didn't have an annual fee... or if I had a grace period... I'd feel like it was ao much better of a card"...

    Try with the retention number one more time... If they really can't find your number go throught the general number and just say "I'm cancelling my account". Sound somewhat steadfast. They'll ask you why... give them the same info as above (try to be nice) but if it's just the CSRs add this "I've already tried to see if there was something Prov would do to keep my 7 year old account... but noone seems to have the power to help me... so I really have no choice. With my improved credit, I just can't justify a card with such bad terms anymore"... See the idea!!!

    OK. last move. regardless of how you are or aren't satisfied with the Providian reps today... post feedback on Tell them (even if you do get something) that you really didn't get the terms you feel you deserved... and you're really frustrated with the stagnation. Again, be nice but definitely detail (they couldn't find your account, transferred you to Aria etc etc). That does seem a bit incompetent... and then insensitive to you. Too bad, because I really do think they're a good company overall. Now, in this letter, be very specific (they'll prompt you) as to WHAT you want Providian to do NOW for you to make you happier.

    Wait about 2 weeks and see what they do. I certainly hope you'll feel better trying again, by the way. Just think of your previous experience as "funny" they were so messed up but "you're sure they'll do better this call".

    Think about it from their perspective... if you genuinely have a complaint (eg: the online service) then maybe they need a justification to put in your file as to why they gave you something... in addition to competitors having better rates... and in addition to us just wanting better cards. I don't know. but I would call today again. IF if makes you feel better, Cap1 tells me no three times more often then they tell me yes. And one time I called back after hearing no (I called 5 minutes later) to ask a different question and I told them I really was sending in final payment and I would cancel once it was posted... since noone there seems to be able to "GIVE" anything... and I got half my annual fee refunded. FIVE minutes after being told no. I think the first time I went in like a charging bull "Looking for something" and maybe that somehow triggers the reps into not wanting to do anything for you.. and sometimes it really may just be the computer. Good luck. Let us know how much better you do this time!
  3. S.D.

    S.D. Guest

    When I called that retention # 1800-215-7318, i spoke w/ a rep by the name of Brandon. He spoke kinda fast, but was very nice. Maybe you could ask for him and explain the whole prob? It's just the thing with finding your acct. Hopefully he can do something for you. I could have asked for more since he was in a good mood, but I was caught off guard when he dropped my APR from 21.9 to 16.9%. I was pretty satisfied and figure I can always call back. Anyway Like Marie said, I'd still go to planetfeedback if I were you.
    Hope that Brandon can help you. Maybe you can say that a friend of yours spoke to him and received superb customer service ( might get him into a better mood?).
    Good Luck!
  4. judyputy

    judyputy Well-Known Member

    Thanks ....UPDATE

    Thanks for the response. Amazingly I started out very sweet and then as I got the run around I got firmer. Never nasty. Just irratated and firm. Anyhow... today I called the info line. Like I said I transferred a portion (2500.00) to another card, so I have been calling each day to see when that amount gets posted. When I punched in my numbers the recording said... "This account is closed" Blah Blah.

    So I waded through the options and finally got a rep to help me. She sent me to a supervisor immediately and I told them of the conversation two days before and how they had closed the account, and then re-opened it. She said she saw the mention on my record, but the other supervisor had not re-opened the account. So this nice person then opened my account AGAIN. Hse and I had a very nice conversation for about a 1/2 hour.

    I asked her what the criteria was for getting the lower 16.9 rate. I was sure that I met the criteria. She said that since my card was originally a First Union card it had come to them with the 20.4 rate. That they only thing they could offer was the 19.4 rate. They couldn't offer the lower rate since it wasn't a card in that same catagory. I don't know if this is true or not. My First Union was bought out by Providian. But it's a Gold mastercard that has been active for 7 years with a PERFECT record.

    What I decided to do for now is to wait for the balance transfer to get posted. I did send a letter detailing the whole problem using planetfeedback. So I am waiting for a response from that too. I said my solution was to extend a 7 year customer the same courtesy as new customers and reduce my rate to 16.9. If I don't here back and once the payment gets posted, I will give the direct number another try.

    Thanks for the feedback!! This is the only card left with a higher rate than 12.9. I've managed to get them all under. Most with 8.9 for the life of the transfer.

  5. Marie

    Marie Well-Known Member

    RE: Thanks ....UPDATE

    If you have decent credit... why not apply for a new card, transfer this amount to it, and close this current account. I'm not at all familiar w/bought out cards so it may make sense that the criteria is different. Ask them about a new card...

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