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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Mar 10, 2001.

  1. Jim

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    Did you say that you got a Target account? If so how did you apply? Since we both have BK's from 1998, I am interested in applying at a later time. As for now - no new credit for me except that Capital One increase I am going to ask for on April 1st.

    I would be astounded if you applied on-line and got the Target account without speaking to a credit rep.

  2. Marie

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    Hi Jim :)

    Yep, instant online approval. 300. mvfl reported he'd gotten a 200 instant approval so I tried. :) Felt brave.
    I needed a dept store card so this helps my balance. They pull Experian and it's my best report.

    Yep, bk7 disch 12/98. I heard my score on 3/6 and it was 632 (artificially low since my utilization is 71% right now... actually, it may show from last month which was 80%). and that was from Equifax which is my worst report.

    I'm purposefully playing w/my balances running them up then down in 10-20% payments per month. MY lines are really going up! Which is the intent. I've got Prov V (18 mos), Prov MC (4 mos), Cap1MC (14 mos), HHMC (14 mos) Cap1GoldV (8 mos or so), Aria (3 mos), Nextcard (3 mos), Cap1Visa (1 mos), and now the Target. Purposefully building tradelines: I worked on terms now I'm working on credit lines. High volume, big payments, purposefully increasing my "profitability" scores w/ my cards etc.

    The new cards: Cap1Visa, Nextcard, and Aria all have intro rates which is nice. Helps me play w/my balances w/out too much interest accruing. Basically, I guessed I'd "pay" interest for 36 mos of rebuilding then I'd have good terms and I could start using my credit to benefit me.

    Anyway, since in Jan I did the round of Aria and Nextcard (applied for both the same day) and within the last month I got the new Cap1Visa and the Target: I may hold off for a year. That's 4 new cards since 1/1.

    I also did get approved for the FCNB secured: I applied for secured b/c of the lower costs and I was going to build a high credit line... 5K deposit for 7.5 credit line. I've got to decide this week if I want to send it in or not. I can be added to a FirstUSA visa w/ a 10K limit but it's a crapshoot whether or not they report AUs... so I'm debating which one to do.

    This summer/ fall I'm adding 2-3 installment loans for balance then I'll go for a 24 mos car loan. Then, I'll be ready to add a baby mortgage on my paid off cabin (I want the money to redo our kitchen at our real house anyway). So I'm planning in the next 36 mos to completely balance my credit file.

    I think w/in 36 more months I'll be closer to prime: then I'll close several credit card accounts, consolidate all Cap1 accounts, and hopefully be Amex healthy.

    I did a plan on paper: can you tell? :)
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    Re: Hi Jim :)

    Author: Marie (
    Date: 03-10-01 20:54

    "Yep, instant online approval. 300. mvfl reported he'd gotten a 200 instant approval so I tried."

    I'm a she ;)

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