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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lucy, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. lucy

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    What is your FICO score. My husband and I (both scores around 520-560) have a brand new Chevy Cavalier.

    Here's a brief breakdown of credit reports:
    Capital One and FCNB: charged off in 1996
    First Premier (2 cards) and Providian: charged off in 1999

    Ugly Duckling Corporation
    3 year auto loan paid in full/never late/high credit $7336
    FNB of Brookings: reported since 4/1999: paid/never late

    We were able to get a $18,000 auto loan from Nuvell Financial (a part of GMAC) with $600 down and 9.9% interest rate.

    Hope this helps...

  2. Melissa

    Melissa Well-Known Member

    Mine is 561 but Jim's is 477( ouch) I expect to pay higher interest rates but I really don't think we stand a chance.
    My baddies are a judgement that was joint with Jim.
    charge off daytons/target
    charge off capital one but in a program to work with them
    some medical bills from my pregnancy that medicaid was supposed to cover but didn't.
    and 3 bad accounts with ameritech and 2 are not mine
    Jim's are a bankruptcy that was just discharged in Jan 01
    On top of that, he doesn't have any positive credit at all on his report.
    I have at least 13 positive accounts
  3. lucy

    lucy Well-Known Member

    Well, when I was in a similar situation to yours, I went to Ugly Duckling, bought a good car, it served me very well for 3 years, and then went for the new car.

    I also have a mortgage, but they do not report to the credit bureaus (this is killing us). I have been a homeowner for almost 3 years.

    As for credit cards, blah, I can only get a 1st Premier and Cross Country Bank Card. Funny how I can get an $18,000 car, but cannot get a little $300.00 limit credit card. Orchard Bank just turned me down. I'm disgusted.
  4. Melissa

    Melissa Well-Known Member

    What is Ugly Duckling? I have 2 newer cards, Providian Visa Gold 1750 credit limit with 100 bal since June 00 and Providian mc 500 credit limit 100 bal since nov 00, looking forward to my increase. I have a Citibank card too with a high balance, I am working on this one. I also have a Burdines card, Neiman Marcus and The limited with zero balances that report on my cr but I actually don't have the cards anymore. My Neiman, Limited and Burdines cards are 11 years old. Discover still reports with zero bal on my report even though it is closed because I joined a CCC years ago and they closed it immediately even though I had never once been late. I wish I still had that card:(

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    What is Ugly Duckling?

    What is Ugly Duckling? They rent and sell cars. The cars run good but they don't look the greatest on the outside.


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