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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by marci, Apr 25, 2001.

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    Thanks Marci

    I found it on my own earlier today. I took the day off work so I could get started with this and handle some other personal issues. My final call today was to the # you posted for Ombudsman. Unfortunately, they cannot help me. The lady said this is something that must be done at the credit bureau level. The only thing she could suggest is to go to, maybe they could help me. I will have to try again but this time it will be through their website. I don't have a half hour to spend on the phone each time I call. I also called Citibnk regarding the original loan they are reporting. Citibank actually said that they aren't reporting anything on my reports and it's ED Fund that is doing it using their name. I KNOW I KNOW. So I call Ed Fund and they say that is not legal we are not doing that. Duh. So I call Citibank again and they still insist its Ed Fund not them. The guy gave me an address for Citibank Credit Appeals, which I believe is the same address Saar posted several months ago. Runaround, runaround. So then I get a call from Ed Fund, I had left a message earlier. She said the same thing, its a credit bureau issue and she can't help me. No one could even answer questions about the rehab program, even the lady who worked in that department. Now this is the funniest part-the last lady at Ed fund suggested I call up Trans Union and ask them what's the best way to deal with Equifax and how I can get results and an even better idea would be to send copies of my Experian report with the Citibank student loan on it and then another one when it was removed. Gee I bet they'll delete that puppy right away. Wait til the open that letter. No more need for validation letters!!!!LOL-I have to.

    So this is my plan:
    1. do online complaint with ftc (which I did)
    2. write Citibank letter explaining the problem and tell them what I want. (I suppose I will include a copy of the Experian report that says-collection as of 11-1993 proving that the date of first serious delinquicy has not pasted 7 years)
    3. write Ombudsman an email asking for help
    4. write ed fund and email asking for help

    Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks again everyone. I hope this works.
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    Re: Thanks Marci


    e-mail me.

    I have some information I don't want to post on the board. If you talked with Ms. Moran, and she said she couldn't help you, I know someone who will.


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