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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by roni, Nov 20, 2000.

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    Ok, I pulled my experian with 123creditreports profiler. As many of you know who have used it, it tells you what is raising and lowering your scores. Well, it says what is raising my scores is $9,200 of available credit. Not, I have ~ $27,000 of available credit. Aint that something. This proves that citibank is not only leaving it blank on our reports but the credit limit is not factored in our scores as well. Not I am not too pissed because my ratios are still low. But for consumers who have no idea that this is going on are cheated. Someone with $10K credit limit runs it up to $3k and their scores go down, because their ratios go down. I just wanted to tell you all about my findings.

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    RE: To Mom and anyone who care

    27k for real and only 9200 being considered what a difference that will make and not for the good. I know they didn't include my 12K from citibank either:(

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    RE: To Mom and anyone who care

    Count me among those who cares about banks reporting limits.

    It's a real bummer to work hard to re-establish credit, only to find that the results of your efforts won't appear on the big three. In order to get the best score possible, credit limits need to be showing on our reports. Of course, as luck would have it, the small accounts will show but the major ones won't.

    Yes, I understand that CitiBank doesn't want companies like Providian to steal their business, but they need to come up with a different remedy. Failure to report limits is not fair to the consumer!

    Roni and Mom, between the three of us, we've already won a lot of credit battles. Guess the three of us will have to suit up for this one, too.

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    Count me in

    Count my butt in there, I have been working too darn hard to get knocked down again. What should be our first of many many moves to this????

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    RE: Count me in

    I say we all send letters to citibank and experian about this. I will give you guys the address later. I have to look it up.


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