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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by RichGuy, Apr 23, 2001.

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    Bobby was posting tonight, using the name "Nave." He used a variety of filthy words. I said he should be banned from this board, but referred to him as "Nave" in quotes. Then I noticed his use of "," which proves it wasn't you.

    PBM deleted the offensive posts, but left one of my messages hanging. Plus, I thought you might want to know that Bobby is doing to you what he did to LKH. I wish you the best in dealing with Bobby. We all need to take our turns standing up to him.
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    Thanks RG,
    Bobby is just pissed at me because he and I had a very "intimate" one on one chat last night. He really is a bizarre guy but even more bizarre as a girl. :) Bobby if you are reading this, let Ruth come out and play some more!!

    Don't worry, I have no fear of loosing friends or respect through Bobby's mentally perverse efforts. But I thank you for your post and explanation.

    Peace, Dave

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