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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Darrell, Oct 5, 2000.

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    Roni: I've been following your posts with great interest, considering I mailed in a Citibank preapproval for the Quicken card more than three weeks ago and was told Monday night that they "haven't come to a decision."

    My profile is this: Totally clean with Equifax and Experian. One CC with 28 months' perfect history and a zero balance (closed by consumer); another CC with 23 months' perfect history and a zero balance; a third CC with 12 months perfect history and zero balance; a fourth CC with six months' perfect history and $1,500 of $3,000 used.

    Finally, I have a car loan with 6 months' perfect history. The CC mentioned above with a $1,500 balance is a prime card from a well-known bank. The others are subprime.

    My TransUnion report shows a 4-year-old paid collection from a utility company that I've disputed because it is inaccurate. It's the only negative on any of my reports.

    How does my credit compare with yours? Do you have any negatives? Please comment.

    Citibank offered me a Platinum Quicken card with a 13.4% APR but seems to be taking a lot of time to make a decision. I'm considering applying at but don't want to waste an inquiry.

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    I was scared to apply for a platinum card. They sent me an offer to apply and transfer balances. But I was more interested in getting a card from a prime bank than a credit rejection. I have negatives paid collections as of 4/00 and many of them ie student loans. I also have a credit card from 1995 settled. Yours sounds better than mine. If you have been following my post you would know that I only applied for the classic card and gold and got both. my score is in the low 600's with about 30 inquires in the last 6 months. Since you mentioned no del. in the last 6 months I think your chances are good. The best thing about them is that offer instant approval online for the aadvantage citibank mastercard. By the way your payment history is longer than mine. Mine is only 19 months. If it helps was turned down by almost every other prime bank except citibank. and chase
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    Thanks for your input, Roni.

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