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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Apr 21, 2001.

  1. Jim

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    In regard to Junum, I completed 3 rounds with TU. Junum did a magnificent job with my report in round 1. Only 2 discharged BK items were left on my report. On round 2 and 3, TU simply wrote me a letter refusing to reverify the 2 disputed items again. I thought this would happen. I am very pleased with the assistance Junum gave me but beyond a certain point a new strategy is called for. Therefore, Junum will not be requested to try and delete these 2 remaining items again.

    By the way, these 2 items actually are reported incorrectly. Therefore, when I feel confident to dispute, I will attempt to remove the items again.

    Thank you for your comments in regard to MP$40 finding herself in the "fraud department" at TU. I saw my name mentioned and thought I would respond to all of you. I feel badly for MP$40. I also am mystified as to what is going on with her TU file. I hope that LKH and MP$40 will keep us updated on Junum.
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    Jim, did you see the answer TU gave me? I called to make sure they had received round 2 of my disputes. They said my file was in a different area because I am using a lawyer. She said she couldn't give me any info as my file was not available to her. She continued to question me as to whether or not I was a lawyer or if I was using one. Then said I couldn't speak with the dep't that had my file because they were closed. I would have to call back. Any ideas on this?
  3. Jim

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    To: LKH

    I am somewhat concerned about what was said to you. I did not expect to hear this from TU and I really don't know what to make of it. This never came up in my 3 rounds of disputing because I never contacted any of the CRA's while the disputes were ongoing. I was always afraid that I would say the wrong thing. My one experience speaking with a CRA was last fall and I definitely said the wrong thing. Yes, she outsmarted me and lured me into saying the wrong thing.

    My impression is that while the analysts evaluating the disppute letters may be poorly paid unmotivated workers;the people who answer the telephones are anything but that description. I think they are highly trained to identify "credit repair" types.

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