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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Oct 31, 2000.

  1. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    I noticed today that you referenced "mortgage questions" on another post. In California, where I live, to purchase a home one typically obtains a real estate agent. The first thing the agent does is to get you prequalified for a loan by introducing you to a mortgage broker. there is no charge to get prequalified. A typical broker will deal with 30 or more lenders and have a loan for everyone. It's the terms that vary. The agent and broker make their money when you buy a house and the escrow closes.

    having said this, I do not know if PA. is one of the few states where real estate transactions are done thru an attorney. If an attorney is required, I am am not knowledgeable to comment further.

    Buying properties was a breeze for the most part for me.

    Good luck
  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jim for you input. I am about 1 or 1.5 years away from making that big step.

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