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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SCS, Apr 9, 2001.

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    I know one of yuour strageties for repairing your credit was to get as many postiive accounts as possible. Do you know how many positives offset the negatives? I currently have 5 major, 1 paid installment, 1 current auto, and student loans that have no ratings (just went back to school). I am considering this method because I am having serious doubts about Junum working in the long run. I don't plan on buying a house for 3-4 years so I don't really mind the inquiries. Any thoughts....

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    Hi CSC,
    I need to ask you how many negatives do you have? I was able to have all my negatives deleted or reported at 0 balance. I think 5 is a good number when you dont have many negatives. I had 13 at one time and it didnot hurt me. OF COURSE OTHERS DISAGREE THOUGH. Instead of a visa or MC you might try a few retail cards. I have Target, Speigel, Victoria secret and Macy's. I would also seriously concentrate on getting your credit limit higher on your 5 accounts now. Normally if you have 6 months perfect payment record, the better banks will give you a decent credit line increase. If you have all low limit cards, you might try citi which is generous with credit limits and Providian which is very generous with credit line increases. Having higher credit limits helps your file more than many cards. I acquired a lot of credit and then slowly closed accounts as I got better offers.
    Good LUCK!

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    I am mostly maxed out on the cards but they will go down within the next couple of months. Then I will call the card companies and try for higher limits. Although I've been perfect with payments, I have had no increases on any of my cards(the oldest is 2 years old). I now know being maxed out has hurt me more than anything. As far as negs go, my worst report is experian which has 9. (Junum deleted 6 but 3 came back). I also have 1 open collection for $116 but it is not mine. I am in the process of sending validation letters now. Would I have any chance of getting a department store card with this open account?
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    You sound in good shape. That is a good plan. Keep Junum, they did a good job for you. I think your credit is not as bad as you think. I would wait before applying for cards. Wait until Junum does another round. You have accounts so I would concentrate on them. I usually do credit applications in spurts. Get that $116 off. Good Luck with that. Check your score now at:

    That will tell you if you are in department store range. I didnot get them until I only had 2-3 negs and a high score.


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