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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Julie, Jan 27, 2001.

  1. Julie

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    Remember I told you I was DENIED at Netbank, and you were shocked? And you thought maybe because I( asked for overdraft protection, that may be why? Well, I never signed up for overdraft, but guess what? Today, I got a second letter from Netbank, this time, with my paperwork!! I am confused. They sent me a letter denying EVERYTHING last week, with the familiar, we are sorry, but.... This letter also approved me for overdraft protection, and there are signature cards, with some pamphlets. Also a peice of paper to sign, with my ss# on it. Is this what you got? What do you think of this? Julie
  2. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: yup they are dumb.

    Sounds like you got it. take it and login now! your password ,btw, is the last 6 digits of your ssn, if you haven't figured it out.

    You can go to the application status screen and get your account # and that password and login right now and fund it !:)

    i didnt get overdraft :( wah

    (these folks are dumb they sent me two paperworks, two mouse pads, and two check cards for one account so far).
  3. Julie

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    RE: yup they are dumb.

    they sound dumb, but where are my check cards, or do I need to put money in FIRST? Remember, I have never done this before.
  4. sam

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    RE: put money in.

    put the fundage in, the appplication state will change to "Funded, check cards on order, checks on order".

    The charge for the funding by credit card is a purchase so, take advantage of that :)
  5. Keith

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    what does btw mean?

    sorry if it sounds silly, i really don`t know
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    By the way.


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