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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by lucy, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. lucy

    lucy Well-Known Member


    Capital One was also charged off in 1996, therefore, I cannot get their card either.

    As for 1st Premier vs. Cross Country, are you crazy? 1st Premier might charge hefty fees, but I don't see thousands of complaints about them on the Internet. They apply my payments in a timely manner, have an 800 customer service number and gave me a second chance.

    Cross Country will be going first. (As soon as I get back to work), it is my husband's card and credit we are talking about here, mine is worse. I just sent Cross Country my first payment today, (I got them BEFORE I discovered the horror stories), certified mail, return receipt requested with a postal money order. These people are not going to screw us up like they have many others. I will fight them til the bitter end.


    I realize that 3 charge-offs are serious. And yes, I had 1st Premier but only for 2 months. What about the paid in full car loan totalling $7336+$3000 interest? And what about the 1 year paid on time new car loan? I guess they don't care about that. I am really trying hard to make sure this never happens to me again, but it's funny to me that I can get an $18,000 car and a $60,000 house but not a $300 credit card. ROFLMAO! Makes little sense.
  2. Cadillac408

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    "...but it's funny to me that I can get an $18,000 car and a $60,000 house but not a $300 credit card. ROFLMAO! Makes little sense."

    ROFLMAO? Would that be: Rolling on floor laughing my a** off?

    Just curious.....
  3. lucy

    lucy Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's what it is, why not? Seems hilarious to me...
  4. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Blow off your house or car payment and the foreclose and repossess (MAJOR DEAL!). Blow off a $300 credit card and they send you to collections (Big F'n deal). Now there's something to think about!
  5. lucy

    lucy Well-Known Member


    lol, I have never been sent to collections for my credit card charge-offs, mostly I guess, because I have moved when the event occured, I dunno. Anyway, to me, my house and car are priority over all other...
  6. mvfl

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    Lucy -

    Even though you have the other paid on-time loans, that isn't enough to make them overlook those recent charge-offs. I think the deal is that once they are more than 2 years old they don't hurt as much. When were they co'd in 1999? They will be past that 2 year mark soon. Are they on all 3 of your reports? Still, I can't believe Orchard turned you down. I have 1st Premier right now too and they are not so bad, other than the fees. I pay my bill over the phone by check way before it's due so I don't have to worry about them holding payments past the due date.

    How high are the Cross Country fees? If possible, you may want to keep it open and just not use it. Your scores improve the longer you've had an account open. So if you close it before it's a year old it may hurt your score. It will also help you to get approved for other cards if they can see that you've had a card open for a longer period of time with no lates. If you don't have another credit card that has been open longer, then don't close it.

    I know your frustration about getting a car loan but not a credit card. Car loans are "secured" by the car - if you don't pay they take it back. With credit cards, if you don't pay they loose the money. Although, $300 is not too big of a risk. Have you gotten your score from Equifax? Maybe it's really low for some other reason that will be listed. Have you looked at all 3 reports with a fine-tooth comb? The reason I ask is maybe one of your accounts is mistakenly showing that you've been late recently or are past-due.
  7. SEAN

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    Re: Lucy -


    My point was both First premier and Cross Country suck. Try Orchard Bank. It's not my fault that you and your husband don't pay your bills, all I was trying to do was offer advice.


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