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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CCMax, Jun 14, 2001.

  1. CCMax

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    Hi, You mentioned in another post you have an Action card. Would you mind sharing your experiences with this company? I have gotten two preapproved offers from them, and I hesitate because the annual fee seems steep. The only thing that really interests me, I hate to say, is that it would probably be the onlty card in my wallet that doesn't scream SUBPRIME ( I think ?) Is it worth it? I too am trying to rise from subprime hell.

  2. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    I've only had it for a month or so. I don't have an annual fee (I don't think...I can't remember right off hand, but I'll check and let you know). My APR is 17.42%. It's not GOOD, but it's better than my Providian MC and Cap One. Also, at the time I got it, I had other store cards with APRs in the 20s.

    What I WILL do though, is keep you all updated on how it's going with them.

    They have a website Maybe you could find a better deal there (if you're interested).

    The offers you've it for their Platinum card? That's what I have. And yes, it's the only one that doesn't scream sub-prime. They pulled my Experian, so I can understand why they feel I'm "deserving" of sub-prime.
  3. CCMax

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    Thanks, please do keep me updated. My offer was for a silver card, if I recall correctly, so I haven't risen as far as you yet :) I definitely remember the annual fee, though, $8.95 a month, and I believe the offer was for "up to $1000." So it potentially could be one of those deals where I'd be paying more than $100 a year for $300 worth of credit. Not worth it.

  4. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    Yeah yeah yeah....I remember now. The annual fee is $48 or 3.95/mo. (I'd almost forgotten about that!).

    I started at 1K but with Platinum benefits (whatever THOSE are!).

    I believe it's their Platinum sub-prime card....LOL. It's a sad day when we start seeing different degrees of sub-prime cards. We have the sub-prime/sub-prime card...(i.e. Cross Country), then we have the classic/sub-prime card....(Cap One/Providian), then we have the gold/sub-prime card and NOW we have the Platinum/sub-prime card.

    When does it end?
  5. CCMax

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    LOL! I think I'll wait for a better offer!


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