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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Mar 16, 2001.

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    Thanks Shyguy for asking what Junum does when incorrect info comes back as verified. Here is what I know and it not exact information.

    Junum disputes the negative items on the credit reports. What they say in there dispute letters, I don't know since I have never seen one. When anything comes back verified ( correct or incorrect) they dispute it again. My feeling is that they will keep disputing unless you tell them otherwise. For $15.95 a month and $10 per deletion they do not provide the kind of legal service that Lex or Bradley Ross can. of course junum is inexpensive.

    Some time ago, you provided the Bradley Ross website to the board. That website is on my list of favorites and at some point I may switch to Lex or Bradley Ross.

    On my current (3rd round) of disputes, I have requested Junum not to redispute the 2 or 3 remaining negative items on each report. Instead, I gave them a short list of other upgrades and or deletions to request on the reports.
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    Re: To: Shyguy Re: Junum $ Bra

    I went to their website and called. They told me I had their program was for members only. From some kind of seminar. Can you give me more info about this?
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    That's weird -- they used to say their services were available to anyone.

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