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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Feb 20, 2001.

  1. Jim

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    Hey Shyguy, after you attended the Snyder seminar did you get contacted by vendors wanting to sell you things? If so was it OK with you and were the products quality items?

    I am debating whether to attend the seminar in L.A. I don't want to be inundated with calls from insurance salesmen.

    Marie has bought the "Credit after Bankruptcy" book and is thinking of flying to L.A. for the seminar. Could you give everyone an insight into whether it is worth it. In my case, I feel like I am pretty far along with my credit restoration. I wonder if they can really teach me anything. I hope this doesn't come across as arrogant.

  2. ShyGuy

    ShyGuy Well-Known Member

    hard to say


    First, the only things I got in the mail because of the seminar was a letter from the Snyders apologizing for a parking snafu at the hotel (and offering to pay your parking if you parked in the wrong lot) and a low-key letter and fridge magnet from the Ford dealer. No phone calls at all -- and definitely no insurance agents. (I don't remember any insurance companies being associated with the seminar.)

    The Snyders seem to be a class act, and it seems as though they want only to associate with companies of the highest caliber. All of the junk mail offers I receive come from the CRAs sharing my info with anyone who pays them for it.

    Like I said in one of my earlier postings, Jim, you appear to be doing a great job of everything he talks about. You built up creditlines and are getting your reports in order.

    One thing you might be interested in is talking to the folks at Bradley Ross about their services if you have any nasty CRA issues that won't go away. There was a $10-a-month discount for people who signed up at the seminar.

    Also, Snyder is a good speaker, and he seems sincere. He is approachable and seems genuinely interested in finding out about successful approaches others have used. He talks a lot about buying a home, but I'm not sure that is one of your immediate goals. Still, I'm the type that likes to start working on these things years in advance.

    Finally, I'm not sure what your employment situation is. He can talk about the special challenges facing people who are self-employed or independent contractors. That didn't apply to me. But he's an expert on it because he runs his own business.

    I found it a rewarding way to spend a half-day. I left feeling better about myself and my future. In turn, that helped my wife feel better about our situation. (Prior to the BK, we had been through hell.) It even helped us to know that he considered Ford the best program for people after a BK. Like you, we lucked into Ford.

    As for flying from Atlanta to Southern California for one of the seminar, oh boy, Marie -- I definitely don't know what to say about that. The seminar is great. But the Ford dealer will be local. The mortgage company is national. But you say not in the market for a home or a car right now, and you already know about Ford.

    I have no idea what ATL-LAX plane tickets cost right now. It probably could easily help fund a secured bank or credit union loan. I wish I knew the seminar schedule and could say, "Fly to Florida or D.C. or anywhere cheaper." For me, it was a no brainer because it was just a half-hour drive. I have already asked to be invited the next time he is in Jersey, but that won't be this year. (It's a small state, so I can drive anywhere in it.) I hope -- as a seminar alum -- I can get an invitation.

    Marie, you've read the book, and I've told you who the sponsors were at my seminar. I wish I could tell you more, but that's what I know. It's a great seminar, but that sounds like a long trip.

    In summary -- to the best of my knowledge -- it's all free, above board and with no hard sell. The sponsors pay for access to the attendees, but I don't think Snyder is controlled by their dollars. I think he truly is trying to introduce people to the best programs for folks who have been through a BK.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. Marie

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    I like to travel

    Thanks for the info.. :) YOu guys are all so sweet.

    I'd just use ff miles for the ticket and I could stay w/friends in it'd cost me only 25 a day or so for a rental car. I could do the whole trip for prob 100 or so... not that money is the issue at all for me. I'd just have to make sure it's not one of the weekends I'll be out of the country :)
    (I'm going on a cruise for my Bday and so I'll be unavailable a bit in March... oh darn)

    I think I'm just looking for great contacts so I can continue rebuilding.. and I love learning and realizing that I'm not at all screwed for 10 years... like I thought I was when I filed. Actually, at this 2 year 2 month point, I'm really not hindered at all except my credit lines are lower than they would be w/out the bk. I can get a good car loan, I don't need one yet. I just want to keep concentrating on bettering my credit so I feel free to do what I want, with credit NEVER being an issue. I want the scarlett B off my chest!

    I'd like to meet his atty, I only have the public record BK left and I haven't disputed it at all yet b/c I couldn't find a technical issue to do it on (I won't say "not mine" if it is, I always find an error and push that issue). I have Sallie Mae lies...(and I'll keep at them) but the worst case is that I'll only eat them for about 2 years more and then I'm doing the NY address thing to get them off. I just don't want the BK to stay for 8 more if I can help it. Getting that one thing off would be worth a lot to me.

    I guess the fact that I'm excited about his info in his book, coupled w/the fact that I love traveling to the west coast (used to go to San Fran 6 times a year or so for business and pleasure) means it might be worth it for me to make a weekend trip out there... :) Any excuse for a weekend holiday!

    Besides, I can always enjoy some great seafood while I'm there!!! I do hope it falls on a weekend that's convenient for me. :) Thanks again for all the info!
  4. Jim

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    Thanks Shyguy


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