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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by AZMDX, May 30, 2001.

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    What is the URL of the site that offers 2 FICO scores for 12.00?

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    There is no url I know of. I came across it in my adventures with e-loan.I will post the info when I get back home in about 4-5 hours as I need to go through my phone notes to get it.

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    AZmdx , looking at my notes the service I was referring to is just for the purpose of mortgage related inquires including scores and are about $10-12 each with reports and scores.

    My understanding was they could set up mortgage brokers with hardware and software and get scores for a fixed monthly fee.(325-400/mo?) If it mortgage related they may or may not be able to help you.There is some relation to Credit Infonet and Radian.
    Good luck C.


    Credit Reporting Summary from EXPRESSCLOSE.COM

    30 second turn-around on merged reports
    24 hour turn-around on RMCRs and supplemental requests
    Population of 1003 when loan origination system is used
    Individual account service teams
    Transmission of supplements via e-mail
    Fully X.12 compatible
    Supplier of Credit Reports via Fannie Maeâ??sDesktopUnderwriter. customers may have their loans closed within hours (3 dAYS?)upon having taken an application. As a bundled means of providing mortgage information products from start to finish, the process drastically reduces the time and expense associated with closing a loan.

    And there is this URL;

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