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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by marci, Jul 19, 2001.

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    I'm assuming you closed the thread "Yeeha - there is a God" due to someone's suggestion that it is off-topic. I disagree with your decision - since I do believe that ethics associated with credit repair ARE germaine to this "credit" board. I hope you and other administrators reconsider the role ethics have in credit repair, since there are various ways to repair/rebuild credit and ALL should get equal hearing in a public forum.



    I am answering your last post in the "Yeeha - there is a God" thread. Your statements are in quotes.

    Credit repair essentially deals with legalities, which are important to ALL of us. Legalities ultimately rest on what behaviors legislators decide are morally acceptable in society or morally unacceptable. There is no way to separate legal statutes from the moral codes which make them enforcable. Don't ever let anyone fool you into thinking otherwise.

    Having said that, my purpose in that thread was not to have a "morality corner" (since I don't always jump into ethics discussions) but to give support to Heather's point of view - which was ridiculed by so many in that thread. It is said that "there's no absolute truth, excepting the truth that there's no absolute truth" - which is sadly obviously believed in many of the responses on this thread - and something I don't buy into.

    I thought I did address this. Yes, many tactics on this board are about disputing legitimate information with hopes that the creditors or CRA's don't respond, or that they get caught breaking a law. I don't and I haven't used those tactics. There are different ways to go about credit repair, and I have posted my own successes on this board for several months. I didn't lie to the creditors or the CRAs. There *are* other legitimate ways to rebuild credit.
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    I do agree with you, Marci, with this proviso. I've always viewed credit repair from a "due process" perspective. As I tell my clients, creditors and the CRAs must be able to prove every line of your credit report. That's their responsibility under the FCRA. If they can't prove the information, then that information has no business being in that report. Thus, I suggest that my clients dispute all negative entries. Some go away, some come back corrected and some are verified. But at least the company had to prove that a debt is owed.
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    We do not disagree with your assessment but we had to respond to the requests we received to close said thread. Our decision to close the thread should not be construed as a judgement on the subject matter. Rather, it is an administrative action which we exercise when the number of requests and/or complaints exceed a given threshold.

    We trust you can understand our position and appreciate your continued patronage on Straight Talk.


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