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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Eboni, Oct 25, 2000.

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    I received 2 of my credit reports. They both have tons of incorrect addresses (from college) most of them listed 5 times.
    For Example
    9807 Weston Hall
    Wrong City, TX, 80976
    9807 Weston Hall
    Correct City, TX 80976

    9876 Johnson Dr Apt 2V
    Any Town, MS 96857
    9876 Johnson Dr 2V
    Any Town, MS 96857

    Does this hurt your creit score? If it does how can I get this corrected?

    Also they have my name listed like 7 different ways. They also have 2 SSN on the report that are not mine. Anyone else have this problem? What can I do to fix it?

    Can Junum fix it?
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    RE: Tons of incorrect addrsses


    The same thing happened to me a few months ago on my Experian report. I called Experian and the rep stated that a collection agency was responsible. I concluded that the agency was trying to "smoke" me out since they didn't know where I currently lived. This same agency called my parent's house (one of the incorrect addresses listed). I had not lived there in 10 years! So I know they were trying to find me.

    Anyway the experian rep said I didn't have to send a letter and she simply asked which addresses I wanted on my report, which I didn't, which needed correcting. She made all needed corrections and mailed me a corrected copy. I dont know if this rep was just nice or the procecure is available to all.

    I would guess that if incorrect addresses are on your report, then you could be denied credit because your address isn't verifiable. Also too many addresses could lead to potential creditors concluding that you are not stable.
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    RE: Tons of incorrect addrsses

    One thing you can control on your credit reports with ease is your address and work name. Just call all three CRA's and tell them you have only lived at which addresses and they will update and send you a new report. Just remember anyone who runs your credit with a new address will show up on your report. So if you had used an address in college and applied for something such as student loans or anything then the address would show up on your reports.
  4. Michael

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    You can also send them a copy of your SS Card
    and get them to delete the other 2 numbers.

    They should be able to tell you which creditor reported these wrong numbers so you can correct it directly with that creditor to ensure it won't happen again.
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    RE: Tons of incorrect addrsses

    I have had the same problem as you with incorrect addresses being placed on my reports. The bureau reps have been very helpful in correcting my reports. I think that you do need to make sure that the addresses and the variations of your name you use to apply for credit is correct. Potential creditors may be leary of extending credit to someone who has had numerous addresses and uses a number of name variations to apply for credit.
    Also, if you have a different social security number showing on your report, you should request that to be corrected immediately! Check to make sure that the accounts listed on your report are all yours. Mistakes by bureaus are common. Hope this helps & good luck!
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    RE: Tons of incorrect addrsses

    This happenned to me to .. and the rep just removed the address .. no questions asked .

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