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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by What I tol, Nov 2, 2000.

  1. What I tol

    What I tol Guest

    I opened my providian classic August 99, I was given a 500 limit, the annual fee was 89.00 but with 15 charge offs at the time (unpaid) I did not complain! I just got billed the annual fee last cycle and was pissed, My limit is now 3500, and apr 23.99, I called and told them that Capital One issued me a Gold Card with an APR of 18.9 and no annual fee, the guy IMMEDIATLY told me he'd give me a FIXED APR of 16.9 from now on, a 27 day grace period, and NO ANNUAL FEE! He even told me that he'd give me gold card benefits on the classic card, he told me that he'd do this for me if I kept my account open, plus I was just given a $1000 increase today , making my limit 4500....I use the card very often, and carry a balance, I guess that was part of the considering factor? I asked for the actual GOLD card like you see on TV, but he told me that I'd be better off with the classic, b/c he can give me an apr of 16.9 fixed with the classic, but 18.9 with the gold, but he'd be happy to upgrade me if I wanted. My credit sucks bigtime (FICO of 580) So I am VERY PLEASED!!!!
  2. dave

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    Interesting. Anyone know if it is true that Providian will not lower rates below 18.9 on the gold card?
  3. Nice Guy

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    I have the Gold Card and called Providian last week. They lowered it from 19.8 to 16.9 and gave me a grace period and waived annual fee, so it is possible. I have had my account with them since 12/96. What I really want is an upgrade to Platinum. Anyone out there received that?
  4. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    nice guy--

    thanks for that information. i'm going to call Providian to reduce my gold card rate from 19.8. I opened my account in '96 also. don't know about the upgrade to platinum.
  5. 777

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    Not true. I have the gold card with 16.9% APR.
  6. RichGuy

    RichGuy Guest

    Maybe the issue was how low the rate can be on a NEW gold card. With an existing classic card, maybe you can get a better deal by retaining that card than by opening a new gold card account.

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