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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by firsthomr, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. firsthomr

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    Toyota has pissed me off. I made an electronic transaction with them for $375 from my bank account for August 4. The transaction never went through. So I called after two days and the toyota rep said they have me listed for the payment. I called today becaue my banking account does not show record of the transaction. Toyota claims the bank declined payment because of insufficient funds. My bank says there was enough money to cover the payment and Toyota never submitted payment. Toyota says they have reported the account was thrity days late to the cra and that I have to send them a letter from the bank proving that the funds were available for that day. I ask would they report to the credit bureaus that the account was not late since it was error on their part. He said I probadly gave them the wrong account number and that they can't promise to change the status with CRAs since I was 60 days late on this account. The Toyota rep was so rude. I am feeming.
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    Never use the electronic online system to pay for a car payment from Toyota. Their system has a flaw in it. Make a check by phone payment which costs $5.00. Make sure you get a confirmation number. They use Western Union for the transaction.
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    I had this happen once with Ford Credit's E-bill. Somehow, their system was trying to debit from a non-existent bank account. I had to find the problem myself.

    Ford refused to retract the 30-day late.

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