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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by author_22, Oct 5, 2001.

  1. author_22

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    Does anyone have experience with them? How do they view a 720 Experian and 634 Equifax. My TU is pathetic: 564.

    I want to go get a new Corolla, as I have been renting a car since a bad car accident that totalled my used Camry (but my mother had been leasing that, but now her credit is in shambles.)

    I can pay $2,000 down in my own cash (no credit card advances!) and would need a $12,000 loan for 36-60 months. I don't want to pay more than 12% interest. Is this a ridiculous notion?

  2. danrs

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    author 22

    I think you'll be in good shape if they pull Experian. Experian and Equifax are both good reports for me, TU is shot.

    Someone posted on here earlier that Toyota was offering 0% financing. If that's the case, that's a first for Toyota that I'm aware of. They must be hurting like everyone else is.

    I'm kinda in the same boat, want a Toyota Tacoma in a bad way, and just got denied by my CU (well, not really denied, but only approved for 15K), so I'm thinking of talking to Toyota as well if I can find out what report they pull.

    Good Luck, and let us know how you do or what you find out.

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    that was me.
  4. lbrown59

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    The only decent small truck!

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