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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by verne, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. verne

    verne New Member

    Two weeks ago I disputed a 30 day late on an account that was 23 months old and paid off in 1999. Today I got Trans Union's response. Not only did they delete the 30 day, but they deleted the notation on the account that stated "in prior 22 months from date closed never late." It is now showing unrated. I thought that unrated applied to accounts too new to rate. I want my rating added back. What's the best way to dispute this now? I don't want the account deleted (it's one of my better lines), just updated correctly. BTW - I'm a new user & would like to thank all of you who contribute positively to this board. It has been a tremendous help!
  2. Desdemona

    Desdemona Well-Known Member

    Trans Union is in the delete mood this month. I have been trying to delete my 1 x 30 from 1999 and they deleted the entire account. When I called I was told that Providian never responded to their request so they deleted the entire account. Can you believe it!!! I had to call Providian to ask them to make sure they report to Trans Union this month to get it back on.
  3. Reshod

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    Desdemona-I agree with your statement that TransUnion is in delete mood this month. After about 3 years of no luck having a certain national law firm doing my TransUnion credit disputes, I changed credit repair services, and guess what? On the first cycle, out of 23 negatives on my TU report, 18 were deleted. Eighteen!! So, yep, they are in the delete mode I would say. Would be nice if they would pass on that attitude to Experian and Equifax!
  5. verne

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    Desdemona - I really don't want them to delete this account since it is an older account & paid in good standing. I will try calling Trans Union & if no luck, I guess like you I'll have to call the creditor. I disputed 4 items & they deleted 3 & updated 1. Overall, the results were good. Thanks for your input!

    Reshod - Thanks!
  6. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    I dispute my Discover Plat is being reported as closed account on both of my Experian and TransUnion credit report.
    Experian said the report is accurate and no change and TransUnion told me the information is wrong and they changed my account back to the open and current. TransUnion really make effort to correct the problems. TransUnion deleted many charge-off accounts from my credit reports and Yoyu have to be patience with them.

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