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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Concerned, Jun 20, 2001.

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    Ok, this is my dilemma: TU has an old charged off account with not charge off date. It was paid off in 2000 but charged off in early 95. There is also some erroneous 2 30 day late pays in 98 for another account. There is no dates listed with the lates (there used to be that is why I know they were in 98). Only a comment (at least on the report I see) that the account was 30 days late in the previous 48 months.

    If TU is pulled it results in an immediate denial. If equifax who has the 95 date and the 30 day lates are not on it, I get a low limit and crappy interest rate. If exp is pulled where none of this stuff is on it, I get good rates and limits.

    Lex has not been able to get this stuff deleted nor was I personally able to get them to show the delinquency dates. Does anyone out there think I have a case to sue in small claims court for the denials? For me it seems pretty obvious that if the dates were on the charge off and the lates were removed (I have proof of payment) that I would be breezing through these applications.

    Basically, I want to buy a house and I have 2 things going against me: how does TU know when to delete this account when no record of the charge off date seems to exist in their records (it should fall off within the year)? and if they ignore good evidence the lates are incorrect what more can I possibly do?
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    I was in a similar pinch a few months ago when I was applying for a mortgage. I had a credit card that was charged off, had been sold, and was accruing interest every month on my TU reports. I thought I would have to pay, and had been on the phone bargaining with the collection agency when I decided to call TU. Although I couldn't tell from my report, TU had some other data in their files and told me that the account was due to come off in less than two months! To think I almost wasted a huge amount of money. With interest growing for about six years, the account had grown six times over the original amount.

    Anyway, I thought I'd try and find a nice enough CR at TU to just delete it. It took three tries before I got it deleted. I literally just called three times in a row one night until someone helped me. Bottom line, they probably have some other information that is not being listed on those enigmatic reports... I would call ...and call until I got some straight answers, and if they give the wrong answers dispute over the phone. Hope that helps.


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