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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Season, May 9, 2000.

  1. Season

    Season Guest

    Does anyone have a number to reach a live person here? I have ordered a report from them 3 times and haven't received it yet and have accounts on my report that aren't mine and aren't even in my name. Help! Even the Social Security is wrong and I cannot correct it without the report and a dispute form.
  2. Sandy

    Sandy Guest

    I wish you luck on your search! I have not been able to speak with anyone, but I have received a copy of my credit report. I recently read on the Federal Trade Commission site that "the big three" reporting agencies paid $2.5 million to settle FTC charges of violating the fair credit reporting act. According to the article, since 9/97 over a million calls to their toll-free numbers received a busy signal or message indicating that the consumer must call back because all reps were busy. A proposal is in the works to ensure the 3 CRA's maintain toll-free telephone numbers with personnel accessible to consumers who receive a copy of their credit report. Each of the proposed settlements would require that the CRAs maintain a blocked call rate of no greater than 10 percent and an average hold time of no greater than three minutes and thirty seconds....... you can find out more at (january 13,2000 release). If I find a number that works, I'll be sure to post it.
  3. Debl

    Debl Guest

    I don't know if this is the number you have been trying, but this was listed on the bottom correspondence received from them as of 4/6/2000. 800-916-8800.
    Good Luck
  4. Season

    Season Guest

    This number is correct. It seems that my own name was wrong on my credit report because of an eroneous error which is probably the reason for their failure to send a report. I will be contacting them in the morning and I give you a hearty thank you. It's about time! I have a number for equifax live and in person, too, if anyone needs it.
  5. kim

    kim Well-Known Member

    Here's the number I use in ATL, 770-396-9484.

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