Transfered from 26.9% to 2.99%

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by PSUgirl, May 8, 2001.

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    I called Weltman, Winberg, and Ries (law offices) which is collecting on my MBNA loan charge off account. The balance is around 1640.00 at 26.9%apr.

    The apr was killing me, as i was only making 25-50$ month payments.

    I decided, because my new GM card has a 2.99 balance transfer for 6 months I would take advantage of it.

    I called to see if i could settle the charge account for 850.00, made up some sob story that was a lie....didnt work. The best thing that I was able to get was a settlement of 1033.00

    The are sending me the paper work agreement. Once i write that GM check to pay that 1033.00 the account will be closed out(settled),

    I will then work hard to deleted it off my equifax and experian (all ready off trans)

    I cant wait to start making 300.00 monthly payments on the 2.99, TO GET THE ACCOUNT PAID OFF.

    Keep you updated

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