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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by matty61184, Jul 12, 2001.

  1. matty61184

    matty61184 Well-Known Member

    Hey, I need some advice on getting unauthorized inquiries removed from my TransUnion Credit Report. They are being really REALLY snotty about it. Here is the letter as follows.

    Dear Consumer,

    We are in receipt of your correspondance in which you request that we remove unauthorized inquiries from your credit file.

    A credit grantor does not have to have written authorization from the consumer in order to pull a credit file, ony a permissible purpose is needed. If you feel that the companies who inquired into your credit file did not have a permissable purpose as outlined in the fair credit reporting act section 604, you may wish to contact them directly concerning their inquiry is incorrect. They may provide us with the written authorization requesting the removal of the inquiry.

    Please include the file number from the upper right corner on all correspondance w/ Trans Union.

    Consumer Relations Department
    Telephone, 1-800-916-8800

    This is BULL. It would be a soft inquiry if they had a permissible purpose without me allowing the inquiry, correct? Is there anyone here with ideas. If so, please write a prefab letter here or something, because it's bull when someone else applies me online for credit cards when I never MYSELF applied!!!
  2. jfpruitt

    jfpruitt Well-Known Member

    Thanks for writing that, I am in the same situation with TU and want some ideas on how to solve this problem!! Help us out guys and gals!! PLEASE!! LOL
  3. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    I would suggest writing them back and telling them that THEY are required to validate anything that is negative on your credit report. And since it's shown that inquirires DO hurt your FICO, then they are required to validate it.

    Same time, contact the creditor and using the permissible purpose crap, tell them if they can't provide where there was permissible purpose to pull your CR, then you demand it be removed.

    Not sure if this will work, but it can't hurt.
  4. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Not exactly. If they had "permissible purpose", then it SHOULD be a hard inquiry.

    However, make no mistake. Trans Union's refusal to investigate your legitimate dispute is a blatant disregard of the law.

    Whatever you do to address the issue, first take 5 minutes of your time to file an FTC complaint against them:$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01

    Every FTC complaint could make a difference.

  5. matty61184

    matty61184 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have some good suggestions on what to put in a letter to them telling them THEY need to investigate, NOT me.
  6. Shantel

    Shantel Well-Known Member

    LK...I was hoping you responded to this post.

    Since I don't have to contact that you have, I might just have to do the small claims court thing. I hope it doesn't go that far though (probably will though).

    Let us know how it works out.
  7. matty61184

    matty61184 Well-Known Member

    Any other advice on how to deal with this?
  8. G. Fisher

    G. Fisher Banned

    What are the details of the circumstances regarding the inquiries?
  9. matty61184

    matty61184 Well-Known Member

    I never applied for these cards or gave consent. I am guessing it was some of my friends playing a prank. I told TransUnion this, and they said it is my job to take care of it. Isn't it supposed to be THEIR job to investigate anything that isn't "permissible"? I just shot back at them with a bitchy letter, and RE-Disputed the inquiries online. I'll just keep doing the same thing until they listen to me and hear me loud and clear. It's been a lot easier w/ Experian and Equifax.
  10. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Disputing inquiries is a lot easier w/ Equifax? How?

  11. matty61184

    matty61184 Well-Known Member

    You can do it online and you can dispute the inquiries individually. With TransUnion, it has nothing even mentioning disputes for inquiries. Equifax took 3 of the 5 I've disputed so far off my report. I've just been happier with them than TransUnion, they seem to want the consumer to do their work.
  12. Saar

    Saar Banned

    I thought I knew Equifax's online dispute system quite well... How do you dispute an inquiry online w/ Equifax? It doesn't even list your inquiries, only your tradelines.

    Please elaborate :)

  13. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Oh, I get it, e-mail dispute, and you enter the inquiry date instead of the account #.

    Have you disputed them 1 at a time? Thanks

  14. matty61184

    matty61184 Well-Known Member

    Oh duh!!! I'm such a spaz! I meant Experian, not Equifax. I wrote the local Equifax Agency and they removed two of them. Experian makes it easy. I'm sorry about that, I always get the two confused!
  15. mglanham

    mglanham Well-Known Member

    How do you dispute online with experian for inquirys?? I have disputed online with experian with much success but only with negative tradelines, I didn't know you could dispute inquiries that way?? How do you do that??
  16. matty61184

    matty61184 Well-Known Member

    It's right there on the side when you go to dispute. Otherwise when you click the investigate button, you click on the inquiries you wish to dispute and do as such. I'll try to find out exactly what to do.
  17. Saar

    Saar Banned

    Did Experian actually tell you they "verified" some of the INQs you had disputed?

    So far they've removed one from my report, the rest are still pending.

  18. matty61184

    matty61184 Well-Known Member

    I haven't had any verified yet, they are all pending. Grr.

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