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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bjoe, Jan 18, 2001.

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    I have been lurking around for a while and have decided to post. I recently ordered all 3 credit reports and rifled off my first round of dispute letters yesterday. Most of my credit woes result from credit card charge offs from the early 90's. Most have dropped off. I also have some re-aged student loan collections that should be off, but are not.

    The main thing that puzzles me is transunion is reporting a civil judgment in the amount of 39,000, The funny thing is that they don not list any court, just code CT. I am concerned because I have read horror stories of lawsuits filed without notice. I was never notified of any such large debt, except maybe student loans which I consolidaed last year - the Consolidation people told me I could not consolidate loans if a judgment was obtained.

    has anyone seen such a thing? Experian and Equifax list no public records. Anyway, I disputed as not mine and will see what happens.
  2. Cadillac408

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    $39K? WHOA! :-o

    Well, the good thing is that they don't have and information really (i.e. no court name or dockett #). The less info they have, the more likely they will probably delete due to the fact that they probably don't even know where to begin.
  3. bjoe

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    Yes, that is $39K. And it explained a lot. Like I said, I have several credit card charge offs, and the lingering collections, and delinqencies on re-aged student loan collections. All I could get prior to 2000(when the last 1993 Credit card charge off dropped) is the usual subprime crap(providian and capital one). In December I was looking to buy a car and I was turned down for Household Auto at 20% interest. The letter I got said it was because of accounts not paid as agreed and public records. I went to the Ford dealer and obtained Ford Financing at 10% interest with nothing down.
    it turns out Household pulled transunion and Ford pulled Experian with the student loan collections.

    The thing that puzzles me also is that Capital One pulled transunion and gave me an unsecured card $600 limit. How did that happen with a $39K judgment?

    MP$40 wrote:
    $39K? WHOA! :-o

    Well, the good thing is that they don't have and information really (i.e. no court name or dockett #). The less info they have, the more likely they will probably delete due to the fact that they probably don't even know where to begin.
  4. bjoe

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    The exact wording was:

    Court: CT
    Plaintiff: herman ins corp 26075
    Type: civil judgment
    asset/lian/amount: 0/0/39675

    I tried to do a search for herman ins corp and turn up nothing. has anyone heard of such a company?
  5. Cadillac408

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    I think the reason why I got my loan shark style auto loan was because they pulled Equifax (which didn't list my judgment). I was told that you cannot buy a vehicle w/ any judgments against you. Regardless, it was paid but it didn't reflect on any reports though.

    Just you think the $39k could be from back child support? You don't have any *stray puppies* out there, do you? A friend of mine got a surprise like that on a kid that he knew NOTHING ABOUT! Turned out not to even be his kid and the entry was deleted. But it was listed under public records with no court name or docket number. How he discoverd all that was one day he got his check and noticed that more than half was gone! There as a deduction on there that said: CH ST PYMT. He called payroll and that's when it all unfolded.

    I can't explain Capital Once giving you credit. I have gotten theh following cards w/ my $1200 judgment on TransUnion and Experian:

    Am/Ex Corp
    Am/Ex Secured Optima
    Am/Ex Gold (authorized user)
    Providian Gold
    Washington Mutual Secured (through the Associates)
    Chevron Gas
    *I would of got Capital One (was approved for secured card w/ $200 limit for $199 deposit) but I turned it down.

    So I have no explanation. Household turned you down for 20% interest financing but Ford approved for 10% w/ NOTHING DOWN? Doesn't surprise me especially since Ford is trying to rebuild their image....especially after the whole Firestone drama.
  6. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    You did the right thing and disputed it. I can almost say for sure that it will get deleted. If not, then they'll have to provide you with information on how they verified it.
  7. bjoe

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    I do not have any children(at least that I know about) I don't think it is because it says Herman ins CORP. Unless my unknown child incorporated itself.

    I think the issue here is that transunion is the worst CRB - they have a $148 collection on my wife's report that has been paid. They list as unpaid and it shouldn't be there anyway since it is from 1991 and it has not even been re-aged!
  8. jamie

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    Have you tried calling TU. I had pretty good luck over the phone with my hubbys report. Better than written disputes. Of course he had to give permission for them to speak to me. He's not good with stuff like this. The rep I spoke with was really nice. Deleted stuff on the spot
  9. Momof3

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    You mentioned you how to get permission from your husband to speak about his report. How do you go about doing that?? My husband hates to do this credit crap and I would love to be able to handle his disputes. Experian let me but nobody else would talk to me regarding his reports.

  10. jamie

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    I called TU and said Please hold for my husband. He verified his identity for them and said "here talk to my wife, she handles all this stuff for me." Since they had his OK they were able to talk to me about anything in his file, including deletions. We did the same thing with Equifax and that worked the same way. I found reps at both CRA's to be very pleasant and got further ahead over the phone. They will give you confirmation numbers for anything they take care of, and an updated report in the mail. They deleted stuff right there while I was talking to them. I kept arguing the point and the one rep I spoke with said. Mam, Its gone, I'm not even going to verify it again.
    Time to keep my mouth shut huh....:)

    MOCAFEEN Guest

    Is there any chance you were in an auto accident? Possibly someone claimed you hit them and their insurance company paid the claim and then came after you? Since it sounds like an insurance company just crossed my mind as a possibility.
  12. steve

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    If it is a student loan problem, hang on to your hat.

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