Transunion Report Disappeared

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by njiggy, Aug 19, 2003.

  1. njiggy

    njiggy Active Member

    I disputed a few items on my report and 8/15 made 30 days. Well I am checking my report on privacyguard to see if anything came off and the report is completely BLANK.

    Has anyone ever experienced this before. What is going on here?
  2. jlynn

    jlynn Well-Known Member

    Try pulling it from and see what happens (its free).
  3. njiggy

    njiggy Active Member

    Ok I checked it today and it only has one item on there. A providian account I have had going on three years now.

    I got married and I changed my last name on my providian card,but I have not gotten to all my other info on my credit report.

    Today I looked and my transunion report only has the one providian account and the report has my new last name. No alias of my old last name. I guess that is why the account now only has one account. The one I changed the name on.

    What should I do. Should I be happy b/c now the negatives are gone,but so are my positive things like car payment. Will the positives come back since
    the companies I have credit with will report in the future.

    Also my credit history has now changed from nine years to 3 years.
  4. Amy B

    Amy B Well-Known Member

    This is a good question. I have heard of a file split but I am unsure of what it is. 4 of the accounts my dh was AU on disappeared one day and we are not complaining because they were new and hurt his score. Where are they? Who knows. Hopefully they won't come back yet. lol

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