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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by IVAN, Sep 18, 2001.

  1. IVAN

    IVAN Well-Known Member

    Hello, just returned from New York. What a shame. I did my part by loading trucks for the Red Cross. What a shame.

    Are there any sites where I can pull my TU file online? I went to Experian and Equifax direct for their services. I would like the type of service where you can pull at least 3 or 4 reports for a flat fee.



    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    May be DOWN at this time...
  4. Saar

    Saar Banned

    And it would fail to verify your identity unless your TU report shows either a mortgage or a car loan.

  5. the other

    the other Well-Known Member

    I had no problem with WK before I had my mortgage. I think it is just tempermental (more so when no mortgage and car loan).

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