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    I got my updated report and it said the following( Please be advised that some of the creditors may have not responded to our request for verification. These items have been changed to your disputed status pending verification from the credit grantor. You will be notified if the information is later changed.) I talked to a rep at transunion and asked her about this 30 days limit she said she will call the creditors to verify this info. Can they do this or should they be taking the negitives off my report.
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    The FCRA requires Transunion to remove the items if the creditors don't verify them. However, the FTC, the government agency which enforces the FCRA, isn't going to get personally involved in your dispute. I suggest you get a lawyer, or file a small claims lawsuit.
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    I agree. I dont know what transunion is trying to pull with that. I hope that is not in my future.
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    The FCRA says that an unverified item has to be deleted within 30 days. It ALSO provides, however, for the RE-INSERTION of any information that is verified after that 30-day window, as long as the CRA advises you (I seem to recall it is a 5 or 15 biz-day window). This is commonly referred to as a "soft delete", which is not illegal. The actual language is in the text of the FCRA.

    From my browsing the boards over the last 2 years, I have only seen a couple of gripes about a soft delete being re-inserted. I imagine the odds are greatly in your favor.

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