Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by zip, Mar 14, 2001.

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    i just got my report through worthknowing and iy shows that the 3 paid collections I had on my report are now gone, but shocking was the judgement that I had and recently paid off in december has shown up on this report!! It was the only report that didnt have it! It showed a date as reported as
    4\99. I called and asked the rep why this is showing up now and she didnt know and told me to write and dispute it.I just find this so strange especially due to the fact that it was paid before they added it to my report. has anyone ever had this happen??? my report that would of now shown no discrepencies now has just this judgement!
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    worthknowing is worthless. go to and get a creditreport and a credit score (not a fico score, but one that is pretty close). it cost a little (7.95 for report and additional 3.95 for score) but it is more accurate than worthknowing.

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