Treason is Alive & Well

Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by FeliceRodo, Sep 14, 2001.

  1. FeliceRodo

    FeliceRodo Well-Known Member

    While many moan and sigh and feel sorry for ourselves, take note that the vicious, Marxist, multiculturalist American Universities are still busy with treason against America.

    This Morning Call in Allentown, PA carried a story that in Bethlehem, PA, Lehigh University's vice provost of student affairs, John Smeaton, ordered all American flags removed from campus busses in
    order not to make Lehigh's many foreign students "feel uncomfortable".

    Multiculturalist treason against America has erupted right in the middle of the war. Thank goodness several American students and bus drivers were so angered over this outrage that Lehigh was forced to
    rescind this treasonous order within hours.

    We must clean American universities of treason at the same time we clean out the terrorist nests in the middle east.
  2. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member


    You seem to be very angered about this. Where I live a school bus driver quit his job today because his employer wouldn't let him have the flag on their bus. He didn't agree with that, and quit.

    As far as the Universities go, it sounds more like a grade school than a college. I know at least 500 colleges don't have school buses to get the kids to their classes anymore.
  3. FeliceRodo

    FeliceRodo Well-Known Member


    Where I went to school we had a dozen campus perimeter buses that provided shuttle service to and from campus and through the center of campus.

    The story is real.

    Meanwhile, to answer you,. I am angry. It has found me, and I intend to do something about it. I've read your posts, and you seem very upset. I understand your emotions. Perhaps, I express mine differently. I lost someone in the family at the WTC, and I want revenge. If I could kill the MF's responsible, I would stand trial and take my chances with the jury.

    I don't care if anyone understands. Maybe that makes me cold hearted. And maybe, that's all you wanted me to say. I don't know.

    The whole thing is a nightmare of hate and murder and I won't allow myself to wallow in self-pity about my feelings or what I write.

    Destroy me if you want.
  4. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Destroy you? No not likely.

    I'm sorry you lost someone, Felice.
  5. creditwork

    creditwork Well-Known Member

    I am terribly sorry that you lost someone. If foreigners cannot accept our way of life, they should leave. The freedom of speech should not allow people to celebrate our loss. Just like the folks in Paterson, N.J. that celebrated our loss, any kind of unamerican sentiment should not be tolerated. Anyone opposed to us flying the flag should be condemned.
  6. RichGuy

    RichGuy Well-Known Member


    I'm sorry about the loss in your family. The academic and media elites (in their own eyes) chatter on and on about these events while ignoring the human cost to you and your family.

    As far as treason, in both universities and immigrant communities: this has been building for a long time. The media and the courts have gradually adopted the stance that the only rights worth protecting belong to people who hate America. You and me, and the many victims of this hate crime, have no rights.

    I think it's time to turn all this around.

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