Treated like Ugly Step Child

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BluVegas, Apr 12, 2001.

  1. BluVegas

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    Check this out...

    FICO 650

    Providian Visa $4000 $5300 limit no lates for 2 years
    Providian MC $1800 $2500 limit no lates for 1 1/2 years

    Closed Shell MC $520 left on account 2 years no lates
    About 6 cards closed and PAIDNFULL over last 10 years

    Student loan $1200 no lates ever

    Bell Atlantic Collection $116 PAID
    Judgment Cap One $3852 PAID, but doesn't show yet
    Judgment Video Update $160 PAID some hoochie lost my tape
    Past Due VA. Power $630 not my bill in progress of removal

    Like I said before I make between 50k-56k and they are treating me like the ugly stepchild. I really don't need another card do to monthly excess cashflow, but I am trying to raise my score. I want to buy a house next year. I get offers in the mail all the time. I even got a offer for Discover Platinum, but was denied because of a Discover account was closed and I had to pay it off through North American Capital.

    If my credit was that bad. Why did I get the offer. They declined because of prior Discover Card deliquency. I get two or three CC offers a week. Don't send me anything if ya not going to give me the card. Time to wait some things out.

    Hell, officially I owe about 7 grand, but my report doesn't show that. It's amazing how these error prone wanna be record keeping agencies can screw you with their arse backward mistake ridden reports. Junum to the rescue :)

  2. DaveLV

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    Re: Treated like Ugly Step Chi

    You can get "invitations" to apply for cards you don't really qualify for just by getting on different mailing lists. I'm in the computer industry and you wouldn't believe the number of platinum this and gold that applications I get in the mail. From tracking things by using different middle initials when I sign up for trade shows or publications, I can usually spot what organization sold my name.

    On the other hand, companies will sometimes pre-screen your credit and send you a pre-approved application. Those are different and should usually lead to you getting the product you apply for.
  3. BluVegas

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    Re: Treated like Ugly Step Chi

    Most of the ones that I currently get are preapproved. I can see the reason for the Discover fiasco, since they were sorta burned by me 6 years ago. So I know my credit isn't piss poor or I never would have gotten a preapproved from Discover. They just didn't know whether I had a prior account in bad standing. I'll live :)

  4. Mike2

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    Re: Treated like Ugly Step Chi

    I've received three Discover Platinum offers (preselected to apply) in three weeks. I know darn well I would be declined (FICO 581), but still they come. I get offers sent to my corporate mailbox addressing me as owner, and I work for a Fortune 500 company. They don't know who they are sending their junk to. For them, it's like throwing paint at a wall hoping some will stick.
  5. DaveLV

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    Re: Treated like Ugly Step Chi

    Hehe.. I get those "owner" things sometimes too. And sometimes they are from brokers that want to know if I want to "sell" my business.

    Wouldn't it be a hoot to sell it someday. And then leave the country REAL quick!
  6. mj

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    Re: Treated like Ugly Step Chi

    Dude- you may want to get a look at your credit score(Equifax).

    You're close to max-ed out on the 1st two lines, and have a judgement and a collection reporting. Not good.

    You don't have much other positive stuff currently reporting (paid in fulls aren't as good as current/never late). You may want to reopen a couple of your other lines and use them just to get them to report some activity.

    I would be surprised if you get too many approvals- but that's a guess. Get your score, get the reason codes, and see what it means for you.

    LIke you said, it's not piss poor credit- mine was worse 10 years ago!- but it's not prime either.

    Best of luck-

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