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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Patroculus, Apr 29, 2000.

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    We (my wife and I) are casting our nets to find any other disgruntled card carriers or account holders with ActionCard/Bankfirst. Here's our story. Granted, we got laxed due to a crisis, single income family living a peace-meal life. So we got behind with her ActionCard. The creditors started calling, and calling, and calling, and I'm sure we've heard the expression "getting blood out of a turnip." Anyway, we finally came up with enough to pay off the balance, and asked if we payed the balance in full could they waive the finace charges, closing the account completely. The person on ActionCard's end was completely accomodating to this request. So, check went off in the mail, there was great cheer, one less monkey on our back. Two weeks later we get a phone call from someone completely different, saying we had to pay the finance charges, there weren't any comments added to the screen she was looking at, therefore no deal was on record and even if one had been made, the person my wife had dealt didn't have the authority to enter into such agreements. Of course we were livid, as we didn't hear that the agreement was nullified until AFTER they got the check for the balance!!! So, we got phone call after phone call from ActionCard/Bankfirst, and each time we pleade our case, getting more and more frustrated. Then, one night, we get a phone call about 7 p.m. from a soft spoken gent claiming to be a supervisor for the company. My wife was able to talk to this guy. That is, also, she did a lot of the talking. He made sure to give his name, and informed her that the initial agreement would stand, and should anyone else contact her from ActionCard/Bankfirst, to give his name and number and he would take care of it. That was 1.5 months ago (we've been dealing with this from the inception of the initial agreement in January) and we just got a call at 8:17 this Saturday morning from yet another inept ActionCard/Bankfirst associate wanting to know when we planned on paying the account off. I then stepped into the picture verbalizing all the information the supervisor had instructed me to give only to get the cold reply "Well, I do see here in the comments section where a settlement was offered but nothing else" and that the gentleman I referred her to "doesnt' work on the weekend " and that I would "have to call him on Monday to straighten this out." So we get harrassed in the early weekend hours with the people who were supposed to have helped us out get the weekend off. Well, if you have anything to throw in the hat, please rant on. As it stands, we're in the process of engaging counsel against ActionCard/Bankfirst for bad faith, and any
    related business infractions that can be applied. Don't get me wrong; they seem to want to help, but no matter how many colossal apologies we get from each person we deal with who says they'll take care of it, someone completely different is calling us, and we have to ask them "Have you taken a look at the comments screen?"


    Pissed off in Washington

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