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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by cmolina, Jun 19, 2001.

  1. cmolina

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    I sent in a couple of disputes to TRW on 5/4/01. On 5/17/01 I received a letter back from TRW stating they received an additional dispute before the original dispute was completed. When all items disputed are verified an updated TRW report will be sent to me.

    Today 6/19/01 I called TRW. I was told by their "customer care" that if you dispute more than one item (does not matter if it is at different times) you will not hear anything back until all items disputed are completed - my favorite part is they have 'no idea" how long that could take.

    They also said if you send in an additional dispute the 30 day clock on the original does not apply. it is basically "reset" by the additional investigations.

    Is this right???? Please advise.
  2. Mist

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    Uh Ohhh. If so, I messed up.
  3. VJ

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    Could you clarify TRW.TRW was bought a long time ago by another cra.Do you mean Equifax,Experian, or transunion?

  4. cmolina

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    Sorry - Transunion
  5. marvin

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    TRW is now Experian
  6. Ender

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    I've disputed 15 items at a time and gotten responses back.. with many deletions as well.
  7. VJ

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    Re: Transunion Dispute Time

    If you are disputing the same item again,then maybe ...
    The big problem for me is Transunion's current/latest position is if you dispute anything, even a credit limit, and it is not verified by the source, they will delete the entire acct at the end of the 30 days, and the entire acct history won' t reappear next month or any other month because it is a hard delete.

    When I start a dispute w/TU, I always call them in about 14 days and confirm the dispute was received and that an investigation has been started on each line item disputed.I also confirm the completion date.They will tell you, although it might be finished earlier.Once they report any new info to you, that part of the investigation is complete. Ask if they have received any verification back on any acct disputed.If they say yes,ask for a new updated report with the corrected disputes changed before the completion of the other items.

    If the other item or items are being reported incorrectly and it is a good tradeline, the last thing you want to happen is TU to remove the entire tradeline/acct.Call back again in another week and get a new verbal update.If still no results, I fax them the proof(statement,letter, whatever) so the acct doesn't get deleted.

    Their fax number for dispute gathering information is ;
    FAX#610-546-4605 Include your name,address,and SS#.
    and explanation of info.

    One more little tidbit,when you have them on the phone ask if there have been any new inquiries in the last few months.

    If you have a inquiry on your report, ask and confirm there is a R/S notation after it.An inquiry with R/S after it will insure the scoring software always picks it up as a soft inquiry,even if its incorrectly listed as hard.(Just applies to TU)

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    Re: Transunion Dispute Time

    Excellant info to know

    thanks VJ!

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