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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by KeepSmilin, Sep 6, 2003.

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    I have a few items on my CR that I need to get resolved and not sure if I should dispute all as 'not mine' to start with. I recently applied for a mortgage which pulls all 3 CB's and according to that I can tell which bureaus are reporting what regarding these negative items. Do I dispute only w/ the bureau reporting? Or all 3 bureaus to be safe? Do I dispute these as not mine? Need suggestions. Please don't use too many acronyms in your response as I'm not that great at decoding. Thanks in advance!
    1. Auto Repo from 1998, 1st was delinquent in 1997; the credit union never sent me a deficiency notice, collection notice, etc. my credit report however shows a profit & loss write off and charged off as bad debt for $9500
    2. Verizon/Airtouch Wireless - I settled this account in 1997 - it showed pd on all 3 CB's over the years, and now it's popped up as open w/ a balance on a tri-merge CR
    3. City of San Diego - I disputed this account since Mar 2002 w/ the OC and then direct w/ all 3 CB's. Transunion deleted it the others I'm not sure. I know it's still showing on Experian.
    4. Bank of America - This account has floated from CA to CA. Was w/ CA Arrow Fin., I disputed, it was deleted, and then w/in 30 days Credit DATA SW said they (Arrow) verified it as mine. Now I received a letter from Asset Acceptance LLC dated 8/6/03 saying RE: Various Issuers/Bank of America is the new collector. This notice went to my address from 10 yrs ago (parents) so I just got the letter. How do I get rid of this once and for all?
    Any help step by step procedures would be great. THanks in advance!!!
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    Sens CAs Val.L.
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    In the letters section there is a letter to be used for Subsequent CA. It is the second letter on the page. I've used that letter with the same scenario where after the first CA couldn't verify the OC sent the account to another CA. The 2nd CA deleted the account from all CRA's and sent a nice little letter of apology.

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