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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by monterio25, May 26, 2001.

  1. monterio25

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    I'm receiving credit repair from a local company, and they are doing a great job, but I am getting letters from Experian saying that they already verified and will not reinvestigate. I also have items that were removed for one CRA and not the others. I was reading the information provided at, saying that I can write letters to the CRA's and to the creditors to get things removed and to stop these stalling techniques. Would I be interfering in the process of credit repair being done for me or would I be helping the process along? As much input as possible would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Nave

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    I am also using a credit repair agency, Junum. They recommend that we do not interfere by sending dispute letters to the CRA's during the process. In fact they recommend that we don't even apply for cards during the process, although I think that is a bit much to ask some folks who are trying to rebuild as they repair.

    I would call the company you use and ask them what their thoughts are on you sending any such letters.

  3. bbauer

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    Nave is right. Just stop and think about it.

    Would you hire a lawyer to fight a case for you and then say nothing to him and go fight it yourself too? Not likely, and not just because you would not know how to do that, but you would lose your attorney and end up in a heck of a mess.

    So don't even think about jumping into it so long as you have someone else doing your credit repair for you. You might very well succeed and you might very well mess it up good. Don't even go there.

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