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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by e557373, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. e557373

    e557373 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I have this old promisory note account with the college I went to... closed in 6/1999 with a balance of $0.

    It had 2 lates posted on WK - 11/98 and 12/98.

    Disputed 3/03 - they verified
    Disputed 5/03 - they verified
    Disputed 7/03 - frivolous
    Disputed 8/03 - they updated the account to be a PAID CHARGEOFF!?!

    I think they may have also reaged the account too... I don't see a DOLA listed on any of my TU reports, nor does it have one on the WK or PG reports. On all of the old reports, it shows closed 6/99, but now on PG it's showing a balance of $0 on 8/1/2003?!?

    I haven't gotten the paper TU report back yet, but I'm thinking I'll call TU on Tuesday and try to talk them into deleting it...

    ie, how can you verifify an account that was closed in 6/99 TWICE and then update it to be a chargeoff the next time??? Do you think my chances with this are any good, or will they just refer me back to the creditor?
  2. AuntBrian

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    general comment to the topic not post

    How does one get TU to delete something without threatening bloody violence?

    I know I know...read the FAQ...but still they all seem like b*stards
  3. e557373

    e557373 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys -

    Just wondering if I should call TU to see if they'll delete it or not... don't want to raise any flags if I don't have a chance at it working...

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