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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SM, Apr 26, 2001.

  1. SM

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    I disputed inquiries on Transunion and was told by them that I needed to contact the company that inquired into my report and have them remove it. Basically, TU told me they don't have any obligation to look into inquiries.

    Seems to me like they are passing the buck and failing in their job to make sure that companies are legally using consumer reports.

    Any ideas on how I should respond to this one??
  2. Hal

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    Got the same response. They gave me the excuse that they can list "permissable purpose" inquiries. The problem is, they are not listing them in the permissable purpose section, but as hard inquiries.

    I responsed with a letter that I have no control over who they send my credit report to, that I have no problem with permissable inquiries being listed, however by listing them in the incorrect section of the credit report they are reporting inacurrately.

    I'll update you when/if they respond.
  3. bummer

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    here's an address that tells you exactly when Permissable Purpose Inquiries are allowed - You can find out if it was legal - if it's not then TU must act - also find out if they delivered on the inquiry....

    Hope it helps

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