TU is ticking me off!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Larissa, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I got hubby's updated TU report in the mail. They deleted all 3 of the collections I disputed, score went from 466 to 542! But...they "verified" the car loan as being 60 days late as of 08/2001! This is not true! I have proof! I guess I will be firing off a letter with the proof! I wish I could fax it somewhere since I am so impatient, but I seem to remember that if you fax without talking to them first they will ignore you...does anyone know if this is true? I can't call, because I know they won't talk to me since it is hubby's report.

  2. Safyre

    Safyre Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the fax part. You could try it, what do you have to loose. Since they "verified" things, you can always ask in writing to supply copies of the information they used to determine the lates. Seems like I have heard others mention the 3 stooges won't take copies you provide them. They will only take proof from the grantor. I could be wrong, though.

    TU is the most difficult to deal with as far as I'm concerned. I always have to dispute things twice. I'll disupte the same things on all three reports. EXF and EXP delete them, but TU verifies them? Redispute, and they are like "Oh, we're sorry, our bad". They are real good about reporting duplicate negative accounts, too...I think they get a kick out of it.
    I'm in the process of disputing a Citibank account now that I don't recall. But, I'm not doing it through TU this time. I'm going through Citibank's dispute center. The CSR over there couldn't find anything under my social security number or my last name and TU already "verified" it once. TU is the only one reporting this supposed major bankcard account.
    After this Citibank thing, I am hopefully done with TU, leaving only one honest-to-goodness delinquent account that I know for a fact is mine!
  3. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member


    Would you mind telling me what the report looked like to have the 400 level score? (sorry if you posted that before and I missed it).

    Although it's doubtfull I (or anyone for that matter)will ever understand the scoring model, I would like to see why he was given such a low score.

    Thank you.

  4. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    certainly Shawn. I just happen to have it here with me!

    Judgement (listed as unpaid) entered 10/1999 $1736
    Judgement (paid) entered 11/00 $586 Paid 04/2001

    verified 8/1998 most owed $3292 Balance $0
    >Status as of 11/1997 : Charged off as Bad Debt<

    Item supressed pending credit grantor update
    >Collection Record<
    Verified 10/2000 Balance $3142 Most owed $2963 Past due $3142
    >Staus as of 10/2000:Collection Account<

    >Collection Record<
    Coll Ctr
    >Paid Collection<
    verified 6/01 balance $0
    placed 5/98 most owed $173
    paid off 3/00
    >status as of 03/2000: Paid Collection<

    >Collection Record<
    Inited Accounts
    >Paid Collection<
    updated 5/01 balance $0
    placed 9/98 most owed $191
    paid off 5/01
    >status as of 05/2001: Paid Collection<

    >Collection Record<
    Inited Accounts
    >Paid Collection<
    updated 2/01 balance $0
    placed 4/98 most owed $174
    paid off 2/01
    >status as of 02/2001: Paid Collection<

    verified 8/01 balance $0
    opened 6/96 most owed 9978
    closed 8/2001
    >status as of 8/2001: 60 days past due<
    >in prior 48 months from date closed 4 times 60 days, 20 times 30 dys late<
    >maximum delinquency of 60 days occurred in 10/1997<

    Capital 1 bk
    opened 11/2000 balance 464
    staus paid or paying as agreed never late

    nw bank
    opened 6/93 balance 0
    closed 1/95 most owed 5453
    status as of 1/95 paid or paying as agreed
    in prior 2 months from date closed never late

    10 inquiries 2 in the last 6 months

    this was report dated 9/10/01
    the three collections were deleted and his new Citi Card reported and now his score is 542
    the GMAC account is still wrong though
  5. anna

    anna Well-Known Member

    Once again, I guess I'll have to stick up for my buddies at Trans Union- I say "delete", they ask "how fast?". Equifax- not too bad, one issue with them where they really ticked me off, Experian can go to he**! They are EVIL- - - BEWARE!!!!!!!
  6. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    Anna...do you have any advice for me since you have had success with TU?

    I have done well with EX, EQ is a local affiliate and they are ok I guess, but not great.
  7. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member


    Thank you very much!!!!

    I was expecting something much worse for that low score they are giving him....looks like you really don't have too many serious negatives....if you can pop those collections off and get a few positives aged you will be in decent shape (I would think).

    GMAC isn't the most friendly about changing things, but if you could at least get rid of the 60's you would be in good shape. I can tell you from experience the auto finance world doesn't really care about 30's on previous car credit....60's are bad and 90's will kill a deal (on car loans, not other accounts). It will impact rate, but definately not a show stopper. If the account is now paid satisfactory (hard to tell from CR, says $0 but they could have done a small balance charge off) you can probably ask that it get changed to a 'non rated' account. This would not give your positive status but would eliminate the negatives. It would also look better on your next car financing attempt as it would show paid in full, non-negative.

    The worst part is that NCO. I hate those guys (as do most). They were still pulling INQ's on my AFTER I got their BS Collection (not even mine) off my account. Definately bad times there.....but you never know. NCO=Nazi Capatalist Ogres!! :)

    Again, I appreciate you posting that for me. Don't take this the wrong way, but thats one of the lowest scores I've seen and I wanted to be able to visualize where it was coming from (please, please, don't take that the wrong way).

    I have watched my score float around from the mid 500's to the mid 600's, and I have seen reports showing some high scores (credit all positive for more than 35-40 years), and I can ~understand~ where they were coming from.

    I guess thae part still had me guessing was that I came out of BK higher than your hubby is and he doesn't have a BK. I would have 'thought' that BK would have been one of the biggest score hit's.

    Then again, I had a lot of positive pre-bk that was closed satisfactory on my report, I think that was balancing things out.

    I am really starting to see where different items carry different weights depending on the total amounts of credit you have, the time involved, etc.....that's why some people get an inquiry off and bump up 10pts while other only bump 3pts.

    Your hubby doesn't seem to have very much clean-positive at all...mostly slow or total neg. I think that's why his score is so low. If he were to have a few more clean-positive accounts I don't think the negatives would have affected him so much.

    I guess one thing we can get from this is:

    Back in the day when I was actually working ~full~ time at the dealerships, there were no scores to judge loans. We looked at the CR (and so did the lender), and we made a decision.

    In those days, I could have made a good argument that your husband paid, just slow, and would most likely get him 'done' . Now, it would be a higer tier, they would want a little down, but he would get a reasonable loan. Especially if you had a good argument the collections were not his- piece of cake.

    Now, in the days of Fico and scoring, the score would come up and a decision would be made instantly off of that. Unfortunately, in this case, it would most likely be a denial with no chance for us to 'hash' it.

    Thanks again....

  8. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    I agree Shawn, I have told him that the reason his score is so low is not the negatives, but the fact that he does not have any positives to balance it out. However, he can't open any new accounts right now (reason4 on TU is no retail accounts) because we want to buy a house and the mortgage officer said "no new accounts!"

    He does now have a CITI card with $3500 limit never late, also the CAP one is paid off and that raised his score quite a few points with EX.

    We did get the Collections deleted, so now it is the 2 judgements(they are both paid, but one is not reporting that way) NCO and MBNA, GMAC and then NW Bank, Cap One and CITI

    Reason 1 on TU is delinquency too recent...well yeah...they are showing GMAC 60days late in 8/01 which is totally bogus...that is when it was paid off, and I have proof!

    Any advice with getting this corrected?


    PS...don't worry, I didn't take it the wrong way
  9. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    Larissa in reagards to mortgage, if you have the proof you can give that to the lender and they will pass that along to the underwriter. My husband had a paid collection that was still showing unpaid, I just gave them proof it was paid and that was enough for them.
  10. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mom!

    I figured that I could do that, but you would think that something so simple TU would fix you know? We won't buy until at least Dec, probably spring. I have BillBauer working on NCO for me, so it depends on how long that takes.

    I am going to try sending TU proof that the loan was NOT 60 days past due and then if they still "verify" I will ask for their verification procedure and fire off a letter to GMAC asking why they are reporting it this way (only on TU btw, the other 2 have it right)

    Does this sound like a good idea?

  11. Momof3

    Momof3 Well-Known Member

    You could also include telling TU that you are obtaining a home mortgage and if you have to pay a higher interest rate b/c of their incompetence, then you will sue them for the difference on the life of the loan!!
  12. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    ooooooh that's good too!

    I'm just thinking outloud, but I would think that there are two possibilities here

    1) TU is being dumb
    2) GMAC is really reporting it this way in order to be jerks

    so in 1)take Mom's advice
    what do I do if 2) is the case?

  13. supershawn

    supershawn Well-Known Member


    First of all, I don't want to interfere if Bill is involved, he knows what he is doing.....but, about GMAC....

    Have you talked to them? I mean, really talked to them on the phone? If you have a good reason and you ge the right person (or just not a real bad one), you can usually get it changed to 'not rated' or at least get the worst (60's) off.

    Ford is much better at this...(in my opinion), there are more 'people' there than 'businessmen'. I have had great success myself and a lot of luck with others (We wrote through Ford mainly, then GMAC, then a local bank) with Ford.

    (Ford is also more flexible about bending terms for special rates, etc...GMAC is very 'by the book')

    If you have a 'good' reason and you really talk to them about it, you can usually get your way.

    NOW, if the account is just recently paid off, there will still be a lot of notations on your account from when you called in, when they called you, etc....so, if you had a lot of 'fallouts' with them over the phone and they marked you as 'un-cooperative', you may have to wait a while. But, once your account has been archived and just shows the basic info...lates, pay dates, etc...you can usually get stuff taken care of.

    Afterwards, it may stay on their internal files for a while longer, but it will be reported as you negotiated.

    For instance, if we had someone come in with a previous GMAC account, heavy slow pay, we would work with GMAC to get it reported paid-not rated or to get a lot of the lates (at least the worst) knocked off. We would usually do this under the pretext of the person financing through them again.

    We would then shop the udated CR at Ford or another Bank...the negative info that still showed internally at GMAC would no longer show on the report, we could get them a better rate at one of the other banks. GMAC would not base terms on the new reporting, but the others would.

    Again, Bill Bauer, in my (humble) opinion, is the one in the know when it comes to this type of stuff. I am just giving you a bit of my experience.

    We 'should' have a Ford 'testimonial' on the board here shortly.....I hope....waiting to hear back from her (got my fingers crossed).

    Hope this helps!

  14. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    Thanks Shawn...

    Bill is not working on this issue for me, just the NCO thing.

    I have talked to GMAC once before on the phone(quite awhile ago) because I didn't think the number of lates was correct and the lady was very rude to me and refused to provide the info to me. The lates might be correct but the last time it was late was 1/00, not 8/01 . The 60's are probably correct because I did meet their "repo lady" a couple of times, but always came up with the money. Then we got back on our feet and started paying on time and at one point paid a few months in advance so that we wouldn't have to make payments in the winter. Then we paid it on time.

    I have a GMAC account on my report(they wouldn't give him another one) and I have never been late.

    At this point I would just be happy if it would report accurately!


    Do you suggest sending some sort of letter to GMAC?
  15. rubyjean

    rubyjean Well-Known Member

    Sorry it took me so long to find NCO Tel Number for you.. The one that I give People at work is 800-552-9890.. If this does not get you through. Let me know and I will try to find another one..

  16. KHM

    KHM Well-Known Member

    Actually they talked to me about my hubbys report (before he had the fraud alert put on) then when I called after the fraud alert all I had to do was 3 way call him in and he gave the ok for them to talk to me about it. Give it a shot, it can't hurt, especially if you got your reports at the same time.
  17. anna

    anna Well-Known Member

    I don't really know why I have success with TU. The only thing I can figure is (and I know I'll hear about this from some other board members), that I try to be purposely UNbussiness-like. I send alot of handwritten stuff, don't use big words, don't make threats,I just act stupid, like "I don't understand why this is on my report, could you explain it to me?" I think they think I'm too stupid to be trying to pull something over on them, so they just believe me! I don't know how long I can continue this way, but it's worked so far.
    DISCLAIMER- For informative purposes only-- Do not try this at home.
  18. fireclan

    fireclan Member


    I have tried three times already, sending proof of my ID and residency.
    It took about 2 mos. and when I finally received a response, they never had me in their system.- HUH!!!
    As per my "Credit report" I just existed in their system in August 2001. - The month I requested for my Credit report. Amazing or what??
    Anyways, I can not get a credit card, apparently:
    1) I live on GUAM, a US territory. (OUTSIDE US)
    2) I seem not to exist on a majority of the major credit bureaus listing.
    3) I have a charge that is about 7 yrs. old- it's now dropped of the CR , and apparently, my existance.
    -except with Experian- our local CRA obtains the credit reports for us on GUAM.

    Thanks to this site/board.
    I know I am not the only sinner/sufferer.
    Good luck to U.
  19. Larissa

    Larissa Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the phone number Rubyjean. I am currently waiting for a response to my validation letter that I sent to NCO...they have 2 weeks left. It concerns me though that MBNA did not even know NCO had the account. When I talked to Customer Service the lady had no idea who NCO even was.

    Shawn-do you have any suggestions about what I could say to GMAC to get them to consider removing the lates or unrating the account? The last late was 1/00...the 60s are from 6/97, 6/99 and I am not sure about the dates on the others. Should I try to handle this on my own, or is it something better suited for BillBauer? Feel free to chime in Bill.

    I appreciate everyone's help


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