TU/MA nightmare!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cyprigirl, Jul 13, 2001.

  1. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Ok dig this!

    I just got my TU report in the mail today!

    Guess what half of my accounts were gone (positive)

    and TU did not verify or updated any of the accounts that I requested to be verified and dig this one!

    The rep tells me that I had a couple items verified last year and that we did not reverify because it was already done last year. Then I told all the items have the same updates from my previous reports.

    They had thirty 30 to have my file verified and updated and they give me this piece of crap that was incomplete and definitely inaccurate.

    Now I am contemplating demanding all items removed because they did not complete the investigation as required by law.
    They started on June 4 and now it is July 13.

    I almost went ballistics on the girl!!!!!

    But she was very nice and was removing two other items off my file but she just kept going around in circles trying to justify why my file still looks the same.

    She even admitted to me that they did not contact the creditor, they just took it upon themselves to verify the item.

    I had to really calm down after talking to her, but I was wondering what should be my next step?

    Because my next call will be with the legal department!
  2. mj

    mj Well-Known Member

    I had a total mess-up with TU a few years ago - in the process of correcting some info, they merged my file with someone else-- I had something like 70 revolving accounts reporting!!

    I saved the report prior to their merge and sent that to them, annotated with what was to be fixes - and a copy of the merged one with the "not my accounts" annotated.

    Sometimes you just have to spell it out A-B-C to them!

  3. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    I agree! Mind you this is the same rep that kept insisting that TU does not offer credit scores to consumers and that the only way I get my score is if applied for something and the lender would give me my score.

    I told her I am reading it right off their website and she kept giving me the same company line, I had to admire her tenacity, but i have had it.

    Do you guys think I should just demand removal for all the negatives that I was investigating?


  4. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    wow what is up with the board lately?

    I ask a question and no one has anything to say.

    I would really appreciate a response of how I should go about this with Merchants Assn.


  5. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Send them a letter and tell them to delete - they didn't verify. Follow up with the paper trail, though dont do stuff over the phone if you want to sue them.

  6. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Well I have the proof in my hands that they did not complete the investigation before the 30 days.

    In fact its still not complete!

    I really don't like to deal with them on the phone but when I saw my credit report I could not believe how badly they screwed up.


  7. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    If they didn't complete the investigation, they have to delete the entries.

  8. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Thanks breeze!

    I will request removal. Someone really did not do their job.

    I am wondering if this is a blessing in disguise.

    I am really down to four negatives after this round of disputes.

    I will push for the rest in my letter.

  9. Maer

    Maer Well-Known Member

    I have posted before that I cannot believe the number of people who are able to keep disputing the same item.

    I have one 30 day late from a few years ago. I disputed it once, it came back verified. I have tried to dispute it at least 3-4 times since and each and every time they have refused saying it has already been verified. I tried fighting with them demanding it is incorrect and they told me to contact the creditor. They consider these "frivilous".
  10. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Disputing POSITIVES????

    So let me get this straight, it MAY have NOTHING to do with Junum disputing positives...when you dispute on your own this STILL MAY HAPPEN? Cypri, you are not using Junum are you? Did you dispute ANY positive accounts?

    I just want to find out if this whole thing may be something the CRA's are doing NOT what anyone (or Junum) might be doing on their own.

  11. Cyprigirl

    Cyprigirl Well-Known Member

    Re: Disputing POSITIVES????

    Dave I did not dispute any of my positives. Half my accounts were just missing. But when I called teh rep told there was a glitch and that all my positive accounts are being reported correctly, and I requested written proof of this so when I get an updated copy of report I will let the board now. don't know what Junum does but I can tell you that the Merchant's Association in Tampa for TU is very careless.

    Maer: Are you writing or call it in, because when you call they rep constantly tell you the same BS.

    What is so funny to me are those that say they know the law and that they have to do anything, they continue to spread misinformation.

    I am sure they bet on 80% of the public not really knowing their rights and so they continue to spew their garbage. Because most people just give up after the first try.

    Anyway just my 2 cents!

  12. Maer

    Maer Well-Known Member

    Re: Disputing POSITIVES????

    No, I've never called a dispute in. The only thing I can think of which might be flagging it or something is that it is the ONLY thing I am disputing. This late account is the only false derog on my credit report.

    They have responded that it has been previously verified and if I disagree I must contact the creditor. I did that and was told that since I was 1 DAY LATE I was considered 30 days delinquent. I have argued that until I am blue in the face but they will not budge.

    Maybe I will try disputing something else (I'm not sure what though since most of the other derog stuff is correct) and slide that one in there and see if they notice that they had checked it in the past.

    Also, I did make several disputes after my b/k. It was just easy stuff like not showing 0 balances and included in bankruptcy. Other than that, this is the only thing I have disputed.

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