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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Mist, Aug 17, 2001.

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    Hi all,
    I'd like some thoughts on this...

    It has been a mystery to me why my TU score as presented by Identity Guard was so low when EX and EQ are low 700's. IG said 571 for TU. Also, I had received an update of my profile yesterday which had my husband co-mingled on my profile...not his accounts but only his name and our other address so I wanted to see if that would come up with a third party consumer report (it didn't).

    OK, so, today I pull the TU report from WorthKnowing to see if I can get another picture of what's going on. WK sets things up differently from what you get from TU. WK says score of 15 out of 100!!!

    What is going on??? My TU report has pretty much the same tradelines, etc. as my other reports. One big difference is that they have my employment as of 6/2001!!! I've been with the same company for 22yrs! One report spells out the name of the company and the other uses an abbreviation. Also, they are using time at my current address, I think, but we still own and occupy the one that we've had since 1987. I don't think those two things could tank my score so much.

    Other than that, they are showing an insignificant store card as closed when it is not (used it today to see if the store thought it was closed, LOL, the charge went thru so where did that come from?). I don't think that would affect things much because it has such a low credit limit as to almost not count anyway. Also between 8/9/01 and today 8/17/01 TU seems to have deleted a wonderful positive installment loan (it was a new car loan paid off in under 3yrs). Equifax did the same thing last month when I asked a question about how they showed it (just a question, not a dispute). With TU, I NEVER questioned anything about it.

    I do have three new tradelines reporting, two with balance transfer balances. Citi AA is not reporting the credit limit but it has a zero balance so even though it's not reporting credit limit it shouldn't be hurting my score.

    I just don't get this! I just thought it was a fluke with Identity Guard but now that WorthKnowing also has such a very low score for me there is something really wrong here and I fear creditors would get the same low score. All of my accounts are satisfactory zero balances on all but three plus my two mortgages. The only negatives I have are a couple of 30day lates '96 and '98 and then one 30day and then one 30day late 13 months ago in 2000.

    Anyone have any insight?

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