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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by paawk2000, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. paawk2000

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    TU reinserted a deleted item they could not verify (so I never did send a DV letter to the CA). I found out when I applied for a loan. I'm not happy. I went online to worthknowing.com to made sure, and sure enough there it was. I know about the law that they have to notify you in writing within 5 business days if they reinsert a removed item.

    I'm not sure exactly when they did reinsert it. My last copy of my CR from TU is dated 9/10/03, so somewhere between now and then. Should I start counting from this Monday to make sure, then take action? (btw should you add an additional 5 days to that for mail time?) Should I follow a small claims suit or write them a letter telling them to remove it or I will file suit? Can't they just remove it, then put it back on and notify me in writing? How can I stop them from doing this?
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    My attorney usually says whatever number of days it says (it being law or whatnot) and add three days for mail. He also says that the three days isn't required, but them you can turn around and say "I was being nice".
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    Not to worry, it appears that they don't believe in that law and I've never heard of anyone who has ever been notified.

    Happened to me, I called twice and wrote (CRRR) once to Equifax, and they refuse to provide the information.

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